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4 Tips for Taking Your Business’s Sustainability to the Next Level

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Consumers’ behavior has changed over the years; gone are the days of mindless consumption as trends have shifted. The ordinary consumer is now more conscious of sustainability, and more business owners should try and operate more sustainable companies. The thought process from intention to reality doesn’t always follow conventional methods, as a business should find ways that best fit its needs and objectives. Whether you are starting a sustainable business and looking to develop more environmentally friendly processes or seeking to take your Sustainability & Responsibility to the next level, these tips will put you on the right track.

1- Create closed loops

The amount of waste expelled by a system is restricted by exemplary conservation. Significant conservation creates a closed-loop where all the tools involved in the process of development remain in operation. That can mean reusable components or parts that play several roles over their life cycles, but whatever shape the loop takes, to continue rolling, it does not require outside input.

Sustainable telephone accessory company Pela believes that in the years ahead, closed-loop systems would be necessary for sustainable business and developed a few years ago its recycling process for materials that allowed the company to close its production loop.

2- Get buy-in from partners

A bit of support within your ecosystem goes a long way. It is challenging to try and change the world on your own, but you can increase your movement’s pace and trajectory and get the industry going in the right direction by partnering with partners with who you share mutual goals. Choosing partners based on their sustainable practices magnifies your effect while developing your organization growth and fostering strong leadership that understands sustainability’s actual value.

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3- Transform your office into a green space

When you adopt your processes to sustainable practices and challenge your partners to do their best, don’t forget about the environment where you and your teamwork. Invest in your office as a green hub to solidify your business’s commitment to sustainability. When interested clients want to know if you exercise what you believe, you can proudly show off your environmentally friendly headquarters to confirm your promise.

Several corporations are going green by opting out of the office entirely. GitLab, for instance, is the world’s largest all-remote organization, with an employee complement located all around the world. Where possible, encourage your staff to work from their homes’ comfort and retain office space for core staff who need to be on-site physically. This will enable you to cut back on the amount of space you need as an organization. Use this as an opportunity to locate working partners who take sustainability seriously. Not only can you guide staff to green places to work, but if you decide later that you want an office, you will also have a partner to help you get started.

4- Empower your customers to participate

Consumers today don’t just want to buy from sustainable businesses; they want to help and be part of solving climate change. Offer them the opportunity to do so by offering ways for customers to get involved in your sustainability efforts. Any firm should work with its clients in the interest of sustainability. Give monetary vouchers for recycled products to clients. Making it easier to repair certain product lines rather than replace them altogether. If the firm is selling something unrecyclable, such as apps in the digital space, creative ideas are around this. Why not sponsor a project that cleans-up or rehabilitates damaged areas. Not only does it inspire customers and employees to volunteer and work together, but it will also cement your name in sustainable practices. To make a transformation and secure favor with your clients, you will have to be proactive and creative.

The planet doesn’t need big companies to find ideal sustainable solutions to our problems: it needs thousands of small, like-minded entrepreneurs to do what they can to make things a little better every day. Implementing these seemingly small efforts will help increase sustainable principles that will encourage other companies to follow suit and ensure that we all have a healthy innovation and growth world.

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