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4 Tips to Keep Your Customers Satisfied from Bhawna Patkar, CEO of Ziphawk

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Most businesses rely on repeat customers as well as a solid stream of new clients to help grow their revenue. To keep customers and attract new ones, a company must have a strategy for client satisfaction. Bhawna Patkar, CEO of Ziphawk, has lots of experience using customer retention strategies. 

Here are a few tips for ensuring customer satisfaction.

  1. Make the Customer’s Experience Worthwhile

The minute you attract a new client, make sure they have a great experience with your business. This begins from the pre-sale stage — when you’re merely discussing your company’s services — all the way through the final delivery. 

While the buying process may look different for every company, the strategy is mainly the same. You want to keep your customer happy and satisfied each time they interact with your staff and your business. 

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Your team members should be able to answer any questions your clients have and ensure that a solid product or service is delivered every time. 

  1. Ask for Feedback

Any time a customer purchases your company’s product or service, make sure to ask for their feedback after it is delivered. Depending on how your business operates, you can do this through your sales reps or through an anonymous form they can submit to you.

The feedback process gives companies the opportunity to learn about the pain points in the sales procedure or with the product itself. You can use this information to make changes to the selling experience. If the customer brings up issues with the product or service provided, you may find that adjustments could improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Monitor Your Customer Retention Rate

Your sales and marketing team should have a pulse on how often customers stay with your company and when they leave. 

While some customers may leave for reasons that have nothing to do with your product or service, a steady stream of customers heading for other pastures is something to be concerned about. In this situation, you’ll definitely want to find out why and determine whether changes to your marketing strategy or products need to be made.

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You should keep track of your customer retention rate. Oftentimes, companies choose to track customer retention monthly and compare it against prior months for greater insight into business performance. However, how often you do so will be determined by the number of customers you have and your overall business strategy. 

  1. Adopt a Transparent Selling Approach

Customers appreciate it when they are given the information they need during the sales process. This includes the features that the product or service can provide them with as well as the total cost and when they can expect to receive it. 

They should be given all of the details they need to make a decision on whether to purchase. The more transparency, the better. No one wants to find out new details — such as excess fees or a longer delivery time — when they’re at the tail end of the buying process.

Who Is Bhawna Patkar?

Bhawna Patkar, CEO of Ziphawk, is a business leader with over a decade of experience launching and developing new business ventures in Silicon Valley. Her work has allowed her to design efficient business processes and lead teams that achieve their goals. 

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