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5 APIs that elevate the smart home experience for your customers

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Smart buildings technology has taken over multiple aspects of daily life, including homes. Homeowners are looking for highly functional applications that can communicate with lighting systems, appliances, electronics, and security systems. Therefore, developing applications that can fully automate the home should be your top priority as a developer or device manufacturer.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow you to integrate multiple devices under a common application while improving how they communicate with each other. In this way, you’ll be able to leverage protocols, databases, and third-party environments to create a seamless user experience for your clients.  

There are many different APIs that can be used for home automation. Here are 4 of the most common and useful ones available.

Philips API

What started as a simple API for smart lighting products has now evolved into an expansive platform that can be leveraged by third-party users. The Philips Hue API is a line of code that can be customized to control multiple IoT devices within the home. For example, lighting effects, animations, and even audio preset are possible via the Philips API. Developers and manufacturers can build on this highly functional platform to develop unique and engaging lighting products for the entire home.

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Amazon API

Amazon’s API is one of the hottest products in home automation. Amazon uses a Smart Home Skill API that can integrate with multiple devices around the home. From door locks to lighting and thermostats, this API can receive voice commands and communicate with other IoT devices. Amazon’s API is free and easy to use, which allows developers to integrate more devices as time goes by.

Nest API

Nest is another popular API that allows you to connect everyday devices under a common platform. For example, you can integrate fitness bands, appliances, and smart electronics under the Nest API to provide a single source of control for all your devices.

Overkiz API

Are you looking for an innovative API that can collect and manage data in both consumer/business settings? Then this company is just the solution you need. This API allows developers to create mobile apps that function in many different locations.

Google Smart Home API

Google has multiple achievements in the online space, especially in cloud computing, software, and hardware. For this reason, Google smart home API and technical architecture can enable you to create an app that communicates with Google services. Google API can also help with compatibility with third-party services to enhance the collection, sharing, and analysis of big data.

From integrating third-party environments to business apps that can monitor multiple interconnected devices, this multifunctional API is an efficient solution for highly dynamic environments.

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