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5 Best Products To Sell Online In 2019

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To success on any thing online and especially in e-commerce everyone need 3 important things. And the first one is the drive to succeed, as without it you can’t even start any kind of businesses.
The second one is having a profitable product to sell, and number three will be obviously the skills to market it and tell the world about it.

And while of the time in BlogProcess we talk about number one and three, today we are going to discuss the number two and pull a list of the best products to sell online to make some easy money from the e-commerce market.

5 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2019

1- Travel Accessories

With the rise of digital nomads, romte work opportunities, and the thriving of the hosting industry, traveling the world has never been so popular.

A small search online will let you surprised with the huge amount of travelling accessories you can sell online, but if you look deeper, you can easily notice that only few accessories make it to the top of the list.

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Depending on where you are and where your customers are, try to narrow your search to understand what travellers in you area are looking for and choose a product or two that you can buy at a reasonbale price to turn to a trending product on your store.

Try to search keywords like “best places to travel” and find what people will need when they are visiting this specific place. For example if you are selling to Americans who are goint to visit a non)English country, a travel language signs t-shirt or instant translation device may sounds like a good choice.

2- Smartwatches

Stats shows that around 1.2 billion watches are sold on a worldwide scale each year. And this number is not going to be any lesser.

From smartwatches for sport and fitness, to ones that will help the user with his medical condition or remind him about an appointement or a medicament. Every online user is a potential customer.

And if you can niche your market and understand the needs of the people you are going to sell this watches to, you can get easily a huge profit and make it work for you. But that’s not all, with the vast choice of this watches comes also a huge number of accessories that you can upsell to make even more money from the smartwatches market.

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3- CBD Products

CBD products are the next big thing is the online market, because it’s new and people are turning their head to this kind of natural and powerful products.
And the CBD Oils are a part of this huge market that is being sold online like no other product.

But when it comes to marketing CBD products, you also need to consider the countries your customers live in. For example, you likely wouldn’t advertise broadly to the Golf region countries, as the products are not allowed across these territories. Instead, you might target specific countries with open legislation.
So make sure you do your homework before starting selling CBD products.

Another important way to make a profit from the CBD market is to sell-throw-affiliate. And especially because of it’s hard to manufacture your own product, many big CBD brands have their own CBD Affiliate Program where you can sell their line of products on your store to make big commissions. Also, Medsbiotech CBD is offering 50% off of their entire store when using the code “MEDSBIOTECH50“. So this will be another push that you can use to sell more and make a decent profit.

And to know how big is the market, let me tell you that is spinning off into a mega-industry. Because according to a new estimate, the CBD market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022. This something around 700% growth.
Also, it’s good to know that CBD products have been available mostly in head shops, with a few doctors recommending it for various maladies, but from 2017 to 2019, the range of products spread to natural food stores, beauty aisles, cafés and doctors offices making it one with the most expansion and diversified niche in the last few years.

Few easy steps and you will be able to be a new player on this successful market without too much effort.

4- Cat Massage Comb

Pets and especially cats love to rub themselves everywhere and a massage comb is one solution to make it happy while helping the owner to relax.

So if you own a pet e-commerce store or planning to open one, you can have this trending product that will sell itself easily. Because as stats show all kind of cat brushes are selling with a good profit margin on top e-commerce stores around the world.

This product present itself as an easy-access/anytime rubbing pleasure for cats, but for cat owners it’s also a tool that simultaneously remove loose and shedding hair while being a fun and enoyable toy for their cats.

5- Bamboo Toothbrushes

Because everyone today is willing to have an environmentally-friendly in their homes, think about offering bamboo toothbrushes on your store, which have a genuinely friendly footprint on our planet. And as a bonus for your own pocket, they’re very small and easy/cheap to ship, which will help you reduce the cost of shipping in both ways (from the manufacturer to your warehouse and from your warehouse to the client door), and can bring you many re-orders, because you know what? people change toothbrushes regularly.


There are many trending product out there that you can sell online for profit and this is not a limited list, so I strongly encourage you to do your own research. But feel free to use these ideas as a jumping off point.

And don’t forget a good product is good, but a good passionate targeted audience is what make sales.

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