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5 Best Virtual Team Building Activities for WFH Employees

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These are trying times that people all over the globe are going through. Everything has taken a turn for the worst with a global pandemic; work is not the same for anybody and people are using mainly data acquisition software to collect info. Particularly for those who have suddenly found themselves working from home and like us needed moving companies tampa to move furniture from the office to each employee home and the stress that comes with it. For any business to work smoothly, team building is important to increase productivity and to avoid burnout.

With these 5 virtual team building operations, you can completely harness productivity with a collaborative side:

1- Virtual Quiz Night

Everyone just wants some form of program for conferencing, whether it’s Zoom or Skype. In addition, planning for a quiz night is also easy to achieve. Have a defined moderator who is responsible for asking the questions, but also for asking the questions. It should also be a piece of cake to create the questions, depending on the type of quiz you want to carry. You can quickly check the answers to questions online if you plan to have a general knowledge quiz, you can also find prepared quiz questions on various websites. A quick questionnaire will help you get all the answers you need if you intend on doing the quiz about your team members. As one of the virtual team-building operations, the positive thing about getting a quiz night is that it hits several birds with one stone. The quiz itself creates some healthy rivalry between members of your team but also encourages cohesion in the organization.

2- Movie Night

A movie night is a perfect way to get the team interested, but it also helps them to have a little fun. And this is made simpler with applications like Netflix Band. It’s free and simple to use Netflix’s Band. It lets you communicate and synchronize your movie with a community chat window right on the phone. You can still get your team to select a movie and all watch it at the same time and if you don’t want to go the Netflix Party route while simultaneously being on a conference call or maybe just present on the group chat you are using. This will allow the team to relax and communicate together as well.

3- Team Health Challenges

Every company now wants to flourish with a healthy workforce. And because of this, many are now implementing in their workplaces corporate wellness programs. In the case of your remote team members, however, it becomes quite distinct. Here as part of your virtual team-building exercise, one of the most effective ways to guarantee the same is to associate health challenges. I have already mentioned how your teams can be created and maintained. So the next step here is to assign your teams to different health challenges.

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4- Virtual Coffee Breaks

Who doesn’t want to grab a coffee cup and have an interesting conversation with their peers? No one, I guess, will say “No to that! But this is no less than a luxury for your remote teams. Coffee breaks are a great way to improve your staff’s professional relationship. Such breaks also allow your employees to de-stress themselves with great productivity and bounce back. You can treat these breaks over a conference call as informal team meetings. And allow your staff to engage with their colleagues in some random talks.

5- Water Shots game

The same regulations apply to the healthier version of a drinking game, water shots. You come up with a certain key phrase, object, or situation and everyone has to take a gulp of water every time this happens.

For reference, examples of when the water shot will be taken may include:

  • Each time during a video call, a team member’s family gets shot.
  • Every time someone from a meeting gets disconnected.
  • Every time a specific individual says a phrase they’re known for.
  • A notoriously late member of the team is late to a meeting each time.

And so forth. This will not only ensure that everyone on your team stays hydrated and healthy, as this game mainly makes sense to play during meetings or conference calls, ensuring that attention is paid to each team member.

Your team will learn to collaborate and thus boost the performance of the team as a whole. In addition, such operations also generate healthy competition between team members, which has been shown to boost productivity. Therefore, we hope you give this list of four virtual team building activities a go and find them useful with all these advantages of team building as your goal.

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