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5 effective ways to advertise your blog without wasting money

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It’s easy to advertise blogs nowadays with the help of numerous advertising services. However it doesn’t mean that people know how to advertise their blogs well with the help of these methods. Most of them make mistakes that cost a lot of money.



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Thus, here are 5 effective ways to promote your blog to avoid wasting money:

  • Check for broken links- Blog advertisements can get rejected if it has mistyped URLs. Blogs hosted on blogspot.com usually end up with blogspto, blogsopt or blogpost. There are times when the blogger forget to place http:// in the beginning of the blog URL. Thus it results to broken links once clicked. It is very important to check your urls before submitting them. You must have known how disappointing to find an interesting ad but took you to a blank page. Even if you try it in other browsers it would not work because it has broken links. It’s a waste of time for the promoters and money for the blog advertisers.
  • Use appropriate image and text- You need to use an attention-grabbing image along with an interesting text that would attract a huge amount of audience. Your image should be appropriate and so as the text that goes with it. You need to balance the two. Also, don’t use generic text that has been used by so many advertisers. The image should have a relevant text that would drive viewers to click it and read your blog.
  • Don’t rush on advertising your blog- Suppose your blog doesn’t have enough posts and contents yet then skip the advertising until your blog is half full. Make sure your readers have something to read once you advertise your blog and not just the usual “Hello World” intro. Improve your blog before you show it to the world such as changing your default theme to a customized one. Using default theme would not attract new readers, it would bore them. Hence you need to refurbish it first by creating a good and catchy blog theme along with clear, readable text that would drive people to read it and explore your blog more.  
  • Find a similar site to advertise- First ask yourself what your blog is all about and who can be your readers. Similarly, you need to ask yourself where you would advertise your blog. Who are your ad viewers? Most likely you need to advertise on sites which have similar topics as yours. Find websites that has related topics on your blog. However if you are aiming for a large amount of audience then you need to find websites that has general topics. It has to be clear who are the people you are writing for. That way, it would be easy for you to target your readers. It’s not just having readers but also knowing who your readers are.
  • Create a perfect landing page- Your advertisements need a good landing page once viewers click them. Choose the perfect page where it should land like the homepage for instance. However you should also determine whether they are looking for a specific content. Then your ad should land to that page which your readers are searching for.

Driving people to your blog is the first step you need to take. The next would be providing the best quality contents to them. Assuming that you are advertising products or services then you have to provide a rich content that would inform them of the products and determine whether it’s the perfect product/services for their needs.

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