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5 Positive Sayings That Will Drive Your Business to the Top

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The entrepreneur is a rich word, and being an entrepreneur is an even richer experience. Usually, these people who we call entrepreneurs and businessmen, are often different than others – not only in terms of their bank balances, lifestyles, and ownerships, but also in who they are internal i.e. their mind, their personality, character, nature, habits, and impact.

It is easy to start a business, but leading a company to the top is not a skill that many have. What is it that these business leaders have that many others don’t? What is it that they think or do what they don’t?

Here are a few precious words of some highly intellectual and successful businessmen who are an inspiration to many, and these words might help you become a better, successful person by believing what they believe, and by doing what they do:

1- “Care about what other people think, and you will always be their prisoner.” (Quote by Lao Tzu)

Lao Tzu, also known as Laozi, was a very successful and widely followed Chinese writer and philosopher. Amongst his many teachings, one was to not care about what others thought. It is true that he was never an entrepreneur, but if he was, he’d be a legendary one because of his personality. A person who can lead so many people worldwide by his teachings could surely lead an organization.

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While it is often a good idea to not care about what others think, you should, however, care about what your customers think. Being an entrepreneur, especially one that is successful, you will certainly face a lot of hate speech, irrelevant criticism, and demotivating comments. Even though you will sometimes need to respond to such remarks, it is only wise to keep doing your thing when you know it’s right. Get inspired and learn more by visiting this website.

2- “Dear entrepreneurs… have a dream and make it a big one.” (Quote by Howard Tullman)

There is a common saying that goes with this quote, “If you aim for the stars, you’ll at least land on the Moon.” According to Wikipedia’s description of Howard Tullman, he is ‘an American serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, educator, writer, lecturer, and art collector’. Talk about an all-in-one person! Having a dream is not the same as having a realistic goal, so be free to dream wild and big! It is only when you have a huge dream that you have the motivation to work hard and get closer to your actual goals.

3- “Your phone is the dumbest f***ing idea I have ever heard.” (Quote by Steve Jobs)

Now, who doesn’t know Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple? This quote by Steve Jobs is so bizarre to hear, but so meaningful once you understand it. These words were once said by him by one of his rivals, as a way of telling him how stupid his idea sounded to start a phone company for certain reasons. Anyways, the point is: Mr. Jobs was who he was, and he was not afraid of saying what he felt. Given that, being honest, real, and upfront is one of the many entrepreneur skills that only a few entrepreneurs possess.

4- “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

This is not a quote by any famous entrepreneur, but a rather commonly used English saying. While this saying originated in a school, it has become the basic attitude of almost every entrepreneur that has smelled the fragrance of success and fame. Good leadership skill is the ability to bounce back from failure without losing motivation. The same goes for businessmen – because businesses take a lot of ups and downs before they become stable. In fact, your favorite Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)’s secret fried chicken recipe has such a story behind its success, too. The recipe’s owner, Colonel Sanders, pitched the recipe to at least a thousand restaurants before it was finally bought by KFC.
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5- “It’s never too late.”

Many people believe that you should start a business as soon as you can – probably in your twenties. Most people do start their businesses in their twenties. However, the attitude to follow for becoming a good entrepreneur is to know that it’s never too late to start your startup. A lot of businessmen start their business nearing their retirement, and they make it big! (Check this website for a fast turning business idea) While time does matter in business, age doesn’t. In fact, at least time shouldn’t be the factor that makes you give up on your idea to start a business now.

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Businesses are not easy to run, which is why entrepreneurs of well-ran businesses are ideal people to follow if you want to make it big in life, too. These quotes and sayings portray the mindset and attitude of not only the authors of the quotes but also a general idea of how a person can succeed in life and in business.

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