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5 Reasons Everyone Should Attend One Convention in Their Life

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Conventions have long been popular, and the Decisions to Attend Study conducted by the Experience Institute in collaboration with the International Association of Exhibitions and Events and the Professional Convention Management Association found that nine out of 10 respondents, particularly among younger generations, are likely to attend one. 

While there are all different types of conventions, from industry-related events like tech conventions to comic conventions (think ComicCon) for meeting up with like-minded fans and getting autographs or questions answered from top stars.

Many who hosts booths at conventions like these take advantage of convention and trade show services in order to ensure the most informative, entertaining event is enjoyed for all. If you’ve never attended one, consider these reasons for changing that sooner rather than later.

Educational Opportunities

Conventions often bringing many educational opportunities, perhaps focused on the industry you work in or simply to learn more about one of your favorite passions. No matter how knowledgeable or experienced you think you might be, without getting exposed to a variety of different points of view, it’s easy to miss new trends and ideas. Conventions are a great way to expose you to new methods that can help you become more productive or simply learn by taking advantage of the wide range of academic and educational programming that’s frequently offered.

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Discover the Latest Happenings in Your Field  

If you want to learn about the latest research conducted in your field, find out about the latest high-tech gadgets that are being developed or even what movies are currently in the works, a convention can be a great way to do just that. It offers a sneak peek of what’s going on and it might help you spark some of your own ideas too.


Conventions are a great way to network with your peers, who might just become an invaluable resource for referrals, advice and other information about the goings on in the industry. You might even be able to help each other through collaboration or meet someone who can help you find your next best career move. If there’s someone whose work you admire, perhaps one of your academic heroes, an industry big wig or someone else in your goings-onfield that will be speaking – it might just be the perfect opportunity to meet them and enjoy chatting directly which can be incredibly inspiring.

Vendors and Suppliers

While many hope to avoid salespeople, the reality is that getting to know more industry suppliers and vendors can not only help you to discover the very best, most innovative services and products but to get better deals. These people are also good to know when it comes to learning more about the business climate and what’s happening among the competition. 


There’s no denying that conventions can be fun. You get to mix a social aspect while networking and learning more about your industry. Perhaps you’ll meet a celebrity or someone you admire, as mentioned, but many of these events also include other activities like golfing, dinners, parties, tours, competitions or even live concerts. Plus, if it’s in a different city, you can squeeze in some time to check out local attractions too.

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Sara Revonia
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