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5 Strategies For Creating An Impressively Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

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Today, social media has become more than a platform for people to connect. It is a marketing resource, and some of the best options to consider when seeking to make the most of your social presence online include Facebook. Below are five tips on how you can create a killer Facebook Ad campaign.

1).    Mine Audience Insights

The insights of Facebook’s audience are at your disposal for your leverage for marketing purposes. You can discover the interests of specific audiences before strategizing on how to target them. You will accomplish this by mining Facebook data to identify potential target markets, who they are, and what they like; these will be the people already active and like your Facebook page.

Instead of doing things based on hunches, you will know the exact users to target with your adverts. Make sure the ads have an elaborate call-to-action. It is a time and money-saving strategy that lets you focus on coming up with an audience-specific ad campaign.

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2).    Create Unique Ad Sets For Each Audience

You can create separate sets of advertisements for specific audiences using Facebook’s advertising platform. You can create two different promo materials and deliver them to two different groups of people, respectively. Conversely, you can come up with a unique ad and sent it to two different audiences. It all points to a better way of doing targeted marketing and advertising.

For instance, you could be selling kitchen supplies, and you have some new wares like stainless-steeling pots or cooking set that you are trying to market to two groups. In such an example, you can create two unique ads instead of working with the same ad and deliver each to the two distinct audiences. One advert can be targeting professional chefs and the other focusing on stay-at-home moms that love using chef-grade kitchen supplies. As a result, you will run two different promotions that are marketing the same item.

3).    Accompany Ads With Landing Pages

Avoid connecting an advert to your website or product page before pushing visitors through the landing page. You need the pages if you want to maximize your marketing and promo efforts. The landing pages will have content that educates visitors about your business – what you have to offer – before encouraging them to purchase.

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Since Facebook advertising might not be cheap, landing pages will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Speak to an ad agency to make the most of your investment.You will be spending money on clicks; therefore, each must count- generate returns on the investment. Hence why you should not send them to a website with a lackluster presentation or product page without any distinct direction of purpose is a waste of money.

4).    Use Striking Descriptions And Images

While there is a lot of talk about writing Facebook Ad copies, not much is said about the need for including quality images in the advertisements. Visual content is very captivating, thus have more influence that textual materials.

If you capture people’s attention without using a shot of your brand logo, product, or service. Professionals propose sticking to relevance in the imagery you choose, ensuring it is striking enough to have people read the ad. Facebook places a 20%-word count on the pictures that you will use. Therefore, make sure that your real estate of the images consists of clear photos that display the desired message and are attention-grabbing.

5).    Have A Budget And Elaborate Bid Strategy

It would help if you had an effective bid strategy supported by a planned budget. It will keep you from spending more than you intended. Facebook makes this easy for you by letting you utilize its optimized CPM. The CPM tool grants Facebook permission to bid on ad space depending on the goals and constraints you place.

As a result, you can maximize your budget without overspending. It is best to let Facebook handle this aspect of your promo campaign until you grasp how much you need to allocate in the budget for the adverts based on the much the ad space costs.

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