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5 Tips to Make Your Seniors Life Easier

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Getting old is not easy, and living as an old person alone or with a family is another challenge altogether. While life has its ups and downs, old age seems to bring a lot of problems that you never thought you would have, like a back that would not straighten up, or hands that would not hold steadily, or just teeth that are not as useful as they used to be. There is only so much that a person can do to avoid these problems that accompany senior life, but there are ways to deal with these problems to make your senior life easier. Read on to find out how you can make your (or of your loved ones’) senior life easier.

What Can You Do to Make Your Senior Life Easier?

1- Add a Turntable to Your Refrigerator:

There are two struggles for elder people when wanting to get something out of the fridge. The first struggle is lowering your back to take something out of the refrigerator, and the second is to stay in that lowered position while trying to locate or reach out to an item that is at the back of different shelves. To avoid both of these problems, install a turntable to the top shelf of your fridge. That way, you (or the seniors in your household) will not need to stoop too low for anything on the lower shelves as their items are to be on the top shelved turntable, and by being able to easily rotate the turntable, it is easy to pick out the required items rather than having to reach out at the back of the shelf, remove items at the front, or worry about tripping something over while withdrawing an item from the back.

2- Have a Senior Companion to Be With You:

Having your spouse grow old with you is beautiful and romantic, not only because of the countless memories you make together, but also because having a companion in old age is extremely helpful. Being old robs you of a lot of energy, which means you end up being a lot less busy than you used to be. Since you have more leisure time now, you may very often feel more lonely and sensitive when you have nothing to keep you busy. Obviously, your family members, including your grandson and granddaughter, have to keep up with their lives so they might not always have enough time for you. You may find that you become more irritable and emotional, often feeling neglected as everyone is going on with their lives. At this time, having a companion in the form of a spouse, sibling, or a friend, can do wonders for your mental health and keep you (and themselves) motivated.

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3- Rent Products Instead of Buying Them:

If you are an old person living all by yourself, or with other senior people, you will find that it is easier and more economical to rent household products rather than buying them. This includes any products from a microwave to a sofa set. Why? Because you may not always have the energy to work on maintaining the products, and usually, renting is cheaper.
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4- Optimize Household Objects for Your Ease and Safety:

One of the highest priorities in old age is safety and ease, especially when a senior person is living alone. Just like babies require a safe home or environment, so do seniors. This can be done by doing things like rounding off any sharp corners of furniture or other items by using a moldable putty on the sharp edges which eventually dries off and stays on the place. Other foreseeable risks can also be avoided along with making navigation easier for them, like by having rubber bands struck around cups to give more friction to ease the hold. Another thing you can do is to add raised stickers to the TV remote (if needed) on the mainly used buttons like the Power button, the volume button, and the channel changing buttons. This would help the senior watch TV without struggling to find the change the channel.

5- Have Automated Temperature Controls:

You do not want to catch a cold, and you do not want to get too sweaty. Being a senior adult can make your body very sensitive to temperature changes so try installing automated temperature sensors or controls in the house, preferably centralized. Ensure that the house does not get too hot or too cold to maintain your health.

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By following these tips for seniors, you can make your (or your senior family members’) lives a lot easier. Life throws enough troubles for everyone already, and old age should be one less problem – a time to relax and look back at life smiling.

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