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When we talk about Monetizing a Blog, many people think about Google Adsense as the only solution, but this is not true. So here is a list of 5 plugins that will help you change this idea.




Adserver is an ad server for wordpress. You can set up your campaigns with banners of different sizes, track impressions and clicks is also offered by the plugin.
It also offers :
– An unlimited number of advertisers and banners
– Web access in real time report of campaigns to advertisers
– Possibility to open the ad in a new window to allow visitors the opportunity to revisit the blog.


Ad-minister adds to WordPress a management system of advertising with the following possibilities:
– Rotation of ads (management by percentage number of page views)
– Management planning advertising campaigns
– Compatible with the Wordpress Widget system
– Stats on the impressions and clicks for each advertisement
– Web page to track statistics for your advertisers
– Simplified installation

Smart Ads

Smart Ads automatically adds contextual ads above and below your content (post). These ads are visible only on posts and pages (excluding homepage). It is also possible to set the minimum number of words to display ads on the posts.

It is also possible to specify the age of the post for which you wish to save for contextual advertising, with the possibility to advertise post per post, by categories or for certain users of the blog.

WP Tag Ads

WP Tagada, Plugin allows to display ads based on the tags of the blog post wordpress.

Author Advertising Plugin

This plugin allows you to share revenues among several authors it is also compatible with several platformes (Google Adsense, etc. …)



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