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6 Factors to Consider before Building affiliate marketing BLOG

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A research shows that the Internet users have an attention span of just ten seconds. Well considering all factors this attention span is much smaller as compared to the other media forms. This makes it a very difficult task to keep a visitor interested in your affiliate marketing site. You have to attract and grab your visitor’s attention and for that you require a host of elements in your affiliate BLOG.

1. Headlines:
Your headlines play a big role in selling your ads as well as your affiliate website. If your headlines are good enough they will attract the attention of the visitors and will never let it go. So make sure that you give enough time and thought to the creation of good headlines for your website’s content, your ads as well as your description tags.

2. Sales letter:
After you create a good headline you have to back it up with an impressive sales letter. You have to remember that as an affiliate marketer you do not have to indulge in hard selling to your customers. Your goal should be to provide your customer with the necessary information that they would require to make a purchase. This means that you have to build a sales page full of benefits and testimonials offered by satisfied customers. You can also include some disadvantages that the customers may have to face f they are not using a particular product.

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3. Niche content:
You have to provide your prospective customers with niche content related to your products. For an instance of you are an affiliate marketer for an e-book on weight loss, you may write some articles on the topic of weight loss and then inform your readers how they can lay their hands on more information by buying the e-book.

4. FAQ :
You should also consider building a FAQ page. It will offer information on your product or services in the form of questions and answers. Using the questions and answers offered by the customers can make the page even better.

5. Scripting service:
Add a scripting service to your website. It will help you to gather information related to the shopping habits of your customers. It helps you to decide upon the type of products that you can offer to the regular visitors.

6. User friendliness:
Make sure that your affiliate marketing site is user friendly. The users should be able to easily access all parts of your website. Make sure that the load time remains at its minimum. Make sure that all your links are not only active but are also easily readable. Remember, if you use too small links your visitors will not click on them.

Make sure that your affiliate marketing site is informative, has a professional format and is convenient to browse through. Using the 6 factors mentioned above you will be able to build a perfect affiliate marketing site.

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