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    7 Essential Tips For Instagram Influencer Success

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    Becoming an Instagram influencer and having success is not impossible. In fact, it may be easier than ever. There are over a billion monthly users active on Instagram. That being said, there are more than 500,000 influencers on the popular social media network.

    This makes having success as an Instagram influencer more challenging. But if you do it right, you can certainly find success in your niche. This is especially true for micro-influencers.

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    It definitely takes hard work and determination to be successful at anything, especially when it comes to how to make money on Instagram. To help get you moving toward influencer success, we compiled a list of essential tips. Let’s dive in!

    1. Successful Instagram Influencers Have Personal Profile Photos

    This is an easy first essential tip for Instagram influencer success. Every aspiring influencer can get this done in a matter of minutes. But why is this important? You want to put your best face forward in order to build trust and grow your following.

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    Stay away from logos or images with poor quality. Remember, you are a brand. You want to approach everything you do as an influencer on Instagram as a brand. Since you are the brand, showcase your best look.

    2. Let Your Followers get To Know You Through Your Posts

    The next essential tip to success as an influencer is to let your followers, and potential followers in. This means posting images and videos of yourself. This can be a bit challenging for say, travel influencers, since Instagram users may be more interested in where you are. Just be sure to get in images and videos every so often.

    3. Utilize The Power Of Video Content On Instagram

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    Did you know that Instagram videos get twice as much engagement than photos? This is because video content is what users online want. This goes for any platform, from Instagram to Facebook. There is a reason why YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. People love videos.

    Your path to Instagram success will be much easier and faster if you post videos regularly. And videos are pretty easy to shoot these days. You can use your smartphone camera to shoot a video and even edit it before tapping publish.

    4. Be Very Transparent To Build Trust And A Massive Following

    Transparency wins every time, especially when it comes to social media influence. One of the best ways to maximize post engagement is to be real. No one likes fake. Social users want to get personal with the influencers they follow. That’s why they call it influencer marketing.

    5. Don’t Let Your Instagram Bio Go Stagnant

    Once you set up your Instagram profile page, it is pretty easy to forget about the bio you added months, or even years ago. To gain traction as an Instagram influencer, it is essential to keep your bio up-to-date.

    Let people know what you’re up to, where you are in the world, and even what you’re thinking about on any given day. You can even add some emojis and/or personalized hashtags to your bio to take it to the next level.

    6. Remember That Communication Is A Two-Way Street

    Engagement has become one of the most valuable metrics for successful influencers. If you are an influencer with 500,000 followers, but no engagement on posts, it will be hard to convince a brand to pay you for sponsored posts.

    That being said, communication goes both ways, even on Instagram. When you get comments on a post, reply to your followers. This personalizes the social experience and creates more engagement. You may even get more shares when you reply to followers, since they may want to show others on social media that you replied back.

    7. Take A Break From Sponsored Posts At Times

    No one wants to get pitched new products and/or services every day, or even multiple times a day. If you are only posting sponsored posts, your followers may get annoyed pretty fast. It is ok to take a break from sponsored posts at times. Your followers will enjoy more authentic posts and you can keep your follower count increasing.

    Are You Ready For Instagram Influencer Success?

    Becoming a social media influencer is fun, exciting, and potentially profitable if done right. The above essential tips can prove useful as you begin your journey to Instagram influencer success. You can also use these tips across multiple social channels, taking your social influence to a higher level.

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