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7 Important Twitter Facts Bloggers should know

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For a blogger, it can be really challenging to narrow a 400 to 600 word post down to 140 characters to be posted on Twitter. Posting your blog post on Twitter can either make or break your blog hence you should be really careful. Therefore, it is very important that you follow certain important guidelines in posting on Twitter.

1-Check your grammar and spelling- Instead of using abbreviations to post your Tweet, find a way to extract your post. Be clever in limiting it to 140 characters because a good Tweet will mean a lot about your blog. Be sure you have properly used your grammar and your spelling is all correct.

2-Calm yourself before posting a Tweet- Suppose your boss is in a bad mood and seems that mood is infecting everyone, then take a deep breath and relax a bit. Don’t let a bad mood affect your tweets or else it would create a bad impact on your followers. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. Always be polite on your Tweets. You will avoid an argument with well-mannered tweets.

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3-Ignore your haters- If there are followers, there are haters too. Haters who love to bash and make rude comments through tweets. Don’t start a Tweeter war or even join a war through Twitter. It will affect you, your blog and your job. So, just ignore and focus on the good vibes.

4-Post relevant facts- People use Twitter to share interesting information while they read blogs to learn new facts and ideas they can use or adopt in their lives. Hence, you should post relevant facts on your blog which can help readers. Do not post dull and uninteresting contents.

5-Always be fair on your product Tweets- Celebrities can brag how satisfied they are on a new product they own or purchased. It would instantly interest their followers because- they are celebrities. They make money out of it. On the other hand, bloggers should make a fair post about a product they have used no matter how satisfied they are because exaggerated posts would not interest anyone. It would fail to believe anyone as well.

6-Concentrate on your blog focus- If your blog is not about politics then you should avoid tweeting about political issues. It would not make-up your blog anyway. Nonetheless, you are free to tweet about it if there are some political issues that would affect your work field like the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA we have today. Just concentrate on your blog focus and let it grow.

7-Review your Tweet- Before posting anything on Twitter be sure to check it first, not only the grammar and spelling but also the whole idea you are posting. Make sure it is a fact and a valid tweet. Post a light-hearted tweet that can cheer your followers. Do not make mistakes that would cause the whole Twitter community laughing at you or else it would ruin your blog’s reputation.

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