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7 Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Party Tents

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Party tents provide a roof over your head and protect you from bad weather. They ensure you and your guests have memorable moments.

Even though they provide much comfort, some people forget to give them the care they deserve. Just like you service your car, your tent needs to be maintained, or else it won’t serve you for long. You must learn how to clean the tent and how to pack it. Here are seven maintenance tips you could use.

1- Ensure You Clean The Tent Before Storing It

Wash that tent with mild soap and lukewarm water thoroughly until it’s sparkly clean. Make sure there is no dirt or stains left. After you are done, leave it out to dry completely.

Even if you take your canopy tent on your birthday alone, it will still deteriorate faster if you don’t wash it before taking it to the storage room.

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2- Keep It Dry To Prevent Color Transfer

Due to the nature of the polyester used to make tents, color can transfer from the darker fabric to the light one if the fabric is wet or damp and the two colors maintain contact for a long time. It can also happen if there’s a combination of too much heat and moisture.

Even though it won’t affect the tent’s performance, it might change its look. To prevent the color transfer from happening, ensure your tent is dry before packing and storing it.

3- Fix Any Fabric Tears or Stains

Anything can happen to the tent when it is being used. The walls and roof, especially, are prone to damage which can occur at any time. Bird droppings, dirt, and rips are common.

A canopy tent is not much exposed to dirt unless they have hanging sides. You know too well that stains can become permanent. Take action right away.

4- Dismantle the Tent Soon After the Party Comes to an End

Prolonged exposure to wind, rain, and sun can ruin your tent and mess it up for future use. It will hardly survive the harsh conditions for long.

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So, if you intended to make it permanent in your backyard, don’t expect it to last for a couple of years. But if you want it to last, pull it down after the party or make sure to clean it every once in a while.

5- Be Careful When Storing It

Ensure that the test is stored in a dry place while it’s loosely rolled. Cover the tent with a cloth to prevent it from accumulating dust.

The tent poles should be fully assembled when being stored to reduce the tension.

6- Always Carry a Maintenance Kit On Trips

When you are in a far-away place, maybe you decided to have the party in a ranch or beach, and a problem arises with your party tent, what would you do?

Regardless of the confidence you have with the tent, carry a maintenance kit to fix any problem that might arise. The party must go on.


A party or wedding tent can save you money. You won’t have to book a venue six months before the event. However, despite how hard it can be to maintain it; it will serve you for many years.

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