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7 Tips to Help Your Business Woo Local Clients

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Every business’ primary goal is to make a profit. If consumers can’t find your products or services, then your business and efforts will go down the drain. Before looking anywhere else, most clients check whether they can access services and products from their town. According to research, the majority of customers to small businesses are locals. That is because, when they want to buy, they start by going online to search for local deals. To see your business grow, here are seven tips to help you woo local clients.

1- List Your Business On Local Search Sites

Before the internet became the main source of information, people would only find you through local phone pages; The Yellow Pages. Thanks to the web, you can now find them through search engines and online directories.

There are sites such as Google+ Local, CitySearch, Yelp, and Angie’s List. These are local online phonebooks for your clients to find your contacts. Getting listed is easy and after you have been listed, start by searching for your business yourself and see where your listing stands.

2- Use Coupons

Customers love discounts. You can offer discounts for your services and products to woo more local customers. You can also offer discounted merchandise, coupons, and free products to your new customers. They will be willing to spread the word on your behalf.

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Find customers that are willing to support your local business, attend workshops and festivals. If you have no physical products to show, then you can support the course or sponsor events. You can also organize tasting events, flash sales, or black Fridays to attract new customers.

3- Create Local Content

Social media can be the main contributor of new clients to your business. It can help people find your website and know your current offers. So, creating a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for your business can be beneficial.

Creating local content can be a groundbreaker. You can also ask for press mentions to boost your popularity. Use SEO tools to analyze keywords, not just by using local phrases, but by also mentioning your local streets, city in keyword terms. Add these keywords in your content to make sure that it appears whenever it is searched online. Moreover, you can pass on these daunting and time-consuming tasks to local search marketing company, who will analyze, prepare, build and report everything that needs to be done so that your business is found locally online.

4- Use Traditional Marketing

Face-to-face communication can be a very effective way of winning local hearts. If someone knows you, is a friend, a relative, or a customer, they will likely buy from your business or refer it to other people.

Networking can be helpful as well. For instance, if you sell racing bikes, and you meet another business person who sells riding apparel, you can market one another and promote each other’s business.

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5- Ask Your Customers for Reviews

According to a research, most local customers read business reviews before buying. The more positive reviews your business has online, the better. It’s normal for some customers to express their displeasures, but if most of your customers are impressed and have shown that in the reviews, it wouldn’t hurt your business.

The biggest challenge though is that people are motivated to leave a review after they’ve had a bad experience with your services. Therefore, create a protocol that encourages all customers to share their reviews.

6- Rebrand

Your company should rethink its marketing strategy and focus on your local clientele. You can even design a campaign such as “BUY LOCAL”. People will love to buy from your business because they will be supporting one of their own and your employees, who happen to be locals too, will benefit as well.

7- Evaluate Locals Response

Your marketing strategy might not be working, and so you need to monitor it throughout. Invest in a tracking mechanism that can show how effective your technique has been. One of the tools you can use is Google Analytics, which is free. You can also inquire from your customers how they found out about your business.


Most people don’t prefer crossing towns to access the same service they can find in their own town or neighborhood. If you use the tips above, you will definitely make them potential customers.

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