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7 Tips to win more RSS / Newsletter subscriptions

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Many of us are obsessed with the number of subscribers to the RSS feed and we would love to see it growing a little faster, but this is not so simple, so here are 7 tips to win subscribers.


1 – The link should be visible: For a visitor to subscribes, it must click on the link and to do this, nothing like a big RSS icon in the menu or at the end of your articles. The link will be more visible and more readers will likely move to the level of subscriber.

2 – Your streaming site in the comments:  commenting is a great method to earn visits, but it also works for subscriptions. So when you comment, from time to time (and not all the time) instead of the url of your site in the information, put the URL of your RSS feeds. If you are already a bit popular on the blog through the comments, some people will visit your site, and maybe they will subscribe to your blog.

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3 – Offer a Newsletter:  Only a minority of Internet users use RSS, and almost all of them use mailboxes. So in parallel with your RSS link, submit a registration form by email.

4 – Explain what an RSS feed: As I said above, very few visitors know and use RSS, then feel free to create a video, a page or a ticket to explain just what is RSS and how it is interesting to use it.

5- Specify that the subscription is free: Anything that is free attract on the net, and as I mentioned several times, the user does not know the RSS feed so you have to specify in a large and visible way that it’s “FREE” because some of them may not subscribe thinking that this is a paid service.

6- Do not expose your subscriber counter:  when you display it and the number is small, it can be daunting to lose credibility to your blog. What I advice but not necessarily to follow, is to display it when you go over the 500.

7- Organize competitions: A good way to win customers is to make competition by requiring participants to register for the newsletter for example, or by proposing “to increase his chances” by putting a banner on your site on their blog.

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