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7 Ways to Overcome Self-doubt and Build a Profitable Business

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Self-doubt is one of the biggest issues that can discourage people from hatching their plans or cause setbacks during the execution. Therefore, overcoming self-doubt is important especially when you need to venture into a productive engagement like a business. Self-doubt is a strong feeling of distrust in one’s abilities to carry out or execute plans and or projects. So many people have business ideas that they can develop but apart from some other limitations capital, their biggest problem is self-doubt. Imagine it as trying to do something when you clearly believe that you can never do it.

Of course, it becomes impossible because self-doubt creates a kind of fear which makes you only see yourself failing at what you plan to do. Self-doubt also makes you imagine how sad it is to fail and then you become scared especially when you think about the potential loss you may accrue in business. The following are 7 powerful ways by which you can overcome self-doubt and build for yourself a profitable business empire (Visit this website for more info).

1- Care for yourself

This is the most important thing in order to overcome self-doubt. Caring for oneself helps to restore and boost one’s confidence. Doubting one’s self most times stem from focusing too much on one’s flaws. It is easier to see beyond one’s flaws when you start taking care of yourself. Gradually, encouragement replaces the doubt you have in yourself or in your abilities. Following a healthy diet is a good place to start self-care. Also, you can start an exercise routine. Exercise helps improve the overall body and mental health. Part of self-care also includes getting enough rest and spending time around people you love. Relaxation can help deal with anxiety and self-doubt. 

2- Stop worrying about what others think

For a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, it is the fear of what other people will think that is fueling the doubt they have in themselves. For you to overcome this doubt, you have to acknowledge the fact that people’s opinions do not matter, and worrying about it will not do you any good. There are a lot of people doing well in business and you are just about to start yours but you already fear people will compare and think you are not doing well enough. This will only fuel your doubt so it is best not to think about it and focus on yourself and starting the business.  

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3- Set immediate goals

Your goal in the long term is to build a profitable business that will grow large. However, you need to set short-term achievable goals that will take you close to your dream. These goals may be backed with rewards to encourage you to be diligent in fulfilling them. Immediate goals help you see the long-term goal as achievable and thus help clear any doubt you have within yourself. It also helps you to keep track of your productivity. A habit that will help you even when you have finally started the business.   

4- Deal with your distractions

When the aim is to start a productive business, you need to be active and productive yourself. Being productive and active has a way of thrashing self-doubt. However, for you to be as productive, you need to do away with distractions. Distractions steal our time and the earlier we get rid of them, the sooner we get things done. So, evaluate your activities and see what distracts you and get them away. For a lot, it is the TV or media in general. In recent times, it has become pretty easier to get carried away by fascinating pictures and videos on the internet than spend time on productive tasks. Use tools like CRMs ( more on this website) and management software to manage your daily business activities and deal with distractions.

5- Seek advice and help

No man is an island of Knowledge, therefore, it is important to seek advice and help when you need them. Trying things out on your own might hurt without a disclaimer and this hurt can aggravate your self-doubt but when you get help from professionals, it saves you time and energy.

6- Conduct customer research and feasibility studies

Taking a bold step forward is a great way to stun your doubting self. So go ahead and conduct feasibility studies for your business. Use your website (check this website for the best advice on building yours) to publish and read reviews, surveys and learn about your target customers’ preferences. You will be surprised the results will encourage you to start your business as soon as possible.

7- Decide on the product and get started

Make your decisions and start right away. Procrastination will only waste your time and likely make you doubt more. Start working towards your dreams right away.

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Entrepreneurs have a lot of inner fights to do before they get started and one of those enemies is self-doubt. Beat it today and get started. Starting a business is not promised to be a seamless process but you will get through it. If you are unsure of your abilities, take courses and probably get a mentor. Good luck!

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Noelle Elia
Noelle Elia
is a Financial analyst at PSPC. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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