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8 Tips to Help You Make an Amazing Wedding Website

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He popped the question, and you said yes! It’s clear that a wedding is going to happen and since there will be other people involved, you have to set up a good looking wedding website. Wedding websites which are also known as wed-sites are popular across the world. You create them to inform your guests about your reception location, directions, and registry information. It’s from the website that the guests can plan their schedule and transportation. So, how can you make an amazing wedding website? Let’s break it down in eight points.

1- Don’t Post Your Private Info

Some web templates prompt you and your fiancé to feed personal details including where you met, the first time you went to each other’s house, your first kiss, how was your first date, or whether you got drunk in a bar.

You should narrate this kind of stories in your bachelor or bachelorette party as you enjoy your last moments of unmarried life, but it’s unnecessary to share your intimate history with your guests and remember; strangers can also view your site as well.

2- Stick with Your Theme

You have invested a lot of resources and time to your wedding’s theme and palette and you ought to make the most of it!

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The same theme, whether it’s a sophisticated black-tie event or country chic, should be used to design your wedding website. The site has the mandate to show the nature of the wedding and give your guests a clue about your wedding.

3- Be Clear About The Dress Code

You wouldn’t want your guests to look confused at your wedding. It’s yours, right? You have the jurisdiction to say what the guests will wear. Be clear about the suggested attire and dress code.

It can be formal or casual, tuxedo or vintage suits or the dresses like the ones Queen Elizabeth wore when she was little. You can also suggest what should be worn in the after party.

4- Get Creative

The way you use your wording will have an impact. Give room to creativity to make your wedding website lively and memorable. From “about us” section to “bridal party bio,” set a tone of celebration.

For example, in “about us” section, write something like “As the Jasons, we are friends, debaters, sometimes comedians, but all in all we are two souls locked into one.”

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5- Gather all the Images You Need

Before allowing your website to go live, you need to upload high-resolution pictures. Some good examples of the photos you should upload are your engagement photos, and photos of your venue.

You can also add the accommodation pics for your guests, and show the logos of the store mentioned in your registry.

6- Include Local Information

It’s likely that some of the guests will be your relatives living abroad or in another state, and some of your high school or college friends from other cities. They would want to know their way to your wedding.

Add some helpful information like your local airport, rental car, restaurants, hotels, public transportation, etc.

7- Don’t Write a Novel

Wedding websites can be fun to make, and couples want to write their love story and anything else that concerns them. Don’t exhaust all your stories in the site. Keep it short and sweet.

Summarize your points and give a quick overview of the groomsmen and bridesmaids and maybe say how you met, fell in love and the engagement. Just keep it short.

8- Set Social Media Guidelines

Let your guests know whether they can use hashtags and if it’s allowed to post photos of your wedding.

Not all people love the publicity on social media. You could be one of them.


A wedding is a one-moment thing. You can’t risk messing your big day just because you didn’t prepare your guests way ahead. Create a wedding website where they can find all the info. It will help have an organized wedding.

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