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9 Tips For Motivating Your Staff

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Looking to get more productivity from staff? These nine tips will help motivate and inspire.

1. Trust

It is very important to ensure that your employees know you trust them to do their work by themselves. Don’t question the work they have done or their ideas or they will start to lack confidence in themselves and in you. Use Tracktime24.com to encourage staff to manage their time efficiently and independently.

2. Give individual recognition to your employees

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Praise your employees individually for their achievements and tell them you really value their work. It can be a good idea to write a personal note since that can be a lot more meaningful than a text or email.

3. There is a place and time for fun in the workplace.

Work shouldn’t ever feel like it’s a total chore. Try to make sure that your employees enjoy their jobs as they are working. Try introducing fun competitions during and in between shifts about knowledge of the ingredients or menu. A free beer after a long shift is usually enough motivation for most people!

4. Communication

Hold meetings on a regular basis to keep staff informed on what is happening. That can help them feel more secure in their jobs. Make those meetings more casual if you can. For example, you could have a catering company bring in lunch and discuss any necessary issues during those meetings.

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5. Training

Continuously train your team, even during times when you have a tight budget. Everybody likes to feel that they are constantly improving and learn. In turn, this makes them more valuable for your company.

6. Listen to and implement their ideas

Always listen to your employees and implement their ideas whenever possible – even small ones. That helps to encourage individuals to take ownership to see how the business can be improved.

7. Use Team building activities

Set aside days in the year when you schedule teambuilding activities. It is a good idea to introduce your new employees to your team so they can get to know each other better.

8. Advocate for your employees

Although the customer might be considered to be the king, it is important to support and trust your staff whenever you can. That will help to increase their work satisfaction and help develop a healthy work environment for everyone.

9. Stay Positive

Try to have good energy and a positive attitude every day to help set a good tone in the workplace. When your employees see you are in a good mood it will help them feed off of your energy and increase productivity.

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