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A Career Test: New Insights At Your Fingertips!

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A career test always brings new insights. Whether you are still studying and do not know exactly what direction you want to go in, or you have an employee who is stuck in a particular position. Our test is suitable for everyone and always provides new insights.

Do you, or does your employee, no longer get energy from his current activities? Discover with a career test which direction would be most suitable.

A career test for you

A career test always provides insights, even from an unexpected angle. It teaches you which activities give you energy and which do not suit you at all.

This is good to know, because if you do what you like, you will, by definition, last the longest.

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Even if you do fit in, a career test can show you where challenges still lie.

Once you have identified these, it is easier to plan your career. Is an additional study necessary? Or are you perhaps already on the right track? You will discover it with our test.

A career test for your employees

With our career test, you give your employees insights into their opportunities and strengths. This is not only good for the employee, but also for the company to know what the potential of an employee is. Together you can then look at how you can shape this career. What challenges does your employee still want to take on? Are there still options for other positions within the company or are there adjustments possible in the current position?

When you have this insight, you can start a discussion together. This is how you keep your employees motivated and enthusiastic. 

The career test of The Bridge Career

The career test of The Bridge Career is the most extensive career test available. The test provides insight into different study levels and also indicates which education suits you. This makes the test also suitable for determining which education will give your career a boost.

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Learn what is important to you in a job, this will also help you in later job applications!

How can you take a career test?

Would you like to take a career test? This can easily be done online, so you get all the insights quickly and easily. The test itself takes 35 minutes and you can do it today!

The report is immediately available so you immediately have the right tools to (further) shape your career. Check here the rates for a career test.

Do you have any questions about our career test? We are at your service and you can always contact us!

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Kat Adiver
Kat Adiver
is a Mom. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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