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All You Need to Know About Money Making Through Your Blog – Part1

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Blogging has become an increasingly common notion nowadays as people have started blogging continuously from their homes. If you ask me it has started to become more of a business then a hobby. True, that previously blogging was done out of love for writing and wanting other people write your material, however, now blogging like everything else has become commercialized. People often ask a very common question that is gaining more and more importance nowadays, and that is “Can you earn money through blogging?” The answer depends on a couple of things which this article will discuss, answering this golden question in the end that will be supported by reasons and arguments. So carry on reading to finally solve the mystery of blogging and making money.


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Most people think of making spaces open for advertising on your blog and provide product affiliations that will bring in big bucks. But that isn’t true. If your blog is a new born baby and most people do not know about it, even if your blog is popular, many large companies would prefer other means of advertising rather than putting their ads up on your blog. Think about is, large companies have so many other options through which they can capture a larger customer base, so why would they come to advertise on your blog? True you can earn a very small amount through putting up ads on your blog; there are other ways in which you can earn money through your blog.

Designing Your Blog

So what is the most important thing that you need to do when aiming to earn money on a blog? It is the overall layout and design. Most people do not pay much attention to the design of the blog and end up wondering why they cannot bring in more traffic and readers. The thing is that even if your blog just came up, you need it to look like as if it has been up there for centuries. Such should be the level of professionalism in your blog. A professional looking blog will capture more readers and will appear as more credible than poorly designed blogs.

One thing you should know is that you cannot design a professional blog yourself, unless you are particularly from the field of website and online content designing. What you need to do is invest with a professional who will make your blog appear to be top notch. Make use of logos, signs, symbols and pictorial representations to make your blog look authentic and also do not refrain from adding citations and references since those way readers will know that you take your work seriously.

It is true that blog designing can be costly and the initial investment will feel like you are being ripped off, so take this venture on if you are serious about blogging for the long term. However, if you cannot spend too much of the blog’s design, then I would recommend you download electronic guides to blogging that can be downloaded over the internet. Make sure that it is from a credible author and you can have a thorough read, since such books provide details regarding blog design too. Keep in mind that if you are downloading an electronic book on blog design, you make sure that the writer has been educated particular in the field of Design for Interactive Media and that will provide you with professional advice. You can then follow up on the instructions and directions and try to design your own blog in a professional way.

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If getting a professional blog designed is so easy then why is it that there are so many bad designed blogs and web sites out there? This is because people do not put their heart in it and just get the designing phase over with to earn money. The people getting their work done do not also take suggestions from readers and get ripped off. So make sure that if you are getting your blog designed by a third party you involve more people into the transaction and take suggestions and view points on a regular basis.

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