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Anonymous Social Media: Discover Sayches for Human Rights Activists and Journalists

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Data security and privacy have become significant issues in the modern day. If you believe the largest platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, provide a safe place for your data, you are mistaken. The world’s largest corporations and conglomerates have increasingly sophisticated means of accessing your personal information and using it for gain.

Worryingly, they don’t simply gain your information when they access this data through social media. They have access to information about you and everyone else in your social circle. These giants take advantage of the fact that most consumers have no idea what will happen to their data.

How safe is Your Data?

There is a mass collection of data from the billions of people who use the largest social media platforms worldwide. However, there is still some misunderstanding about what happens to this data once it is in their control. Many people are unaware of what happens to their data. This translates to a massive amount of unprotected data that third parties may use. If you are an activist or an investigative Journalist, this could be a big problem. Your data falling into the wrong hands could lead you into a lot of trouble. If you are in the repressive territory, this could even cost you your life.

What does SAYCHES Have to offer?

Sayches is a fleeting microblogging platform that actively attempts to safeguard your online privacy. This is all done without the need for additional anti-surveillance methods. Sayches allows users to blog, providing a space where people may express themselves freely without fear. There is curtailing of digital freedom, and invasions of privacy are common. This comes with a permanent record of everything you’ve ever written or shared across a variety of social media sites. When using Sayches, users may take a more casual attitude because there is no fear of data leaks. Everything shared is not visible to governments or current or potential employers in the long run. When using   Sayches, you can post whatever you want, knowing it will be gone in 24 hours.

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Sayches is primarily for journalists and activists, but anyone who wishes to express themselves online without being censored would benefit. Sayches differs from other platforms in that it safeguards your privacy by allowing you to self-delete postings after 24 hours. This ensures that they do not reappear and cause you difficulties later. In addition to these fleeting posts, many other features add an extra layer of protection.

Below are just a few of these features:

  • SOS
  • Warrant Canary on every profile
  • Anonymous Pub
  • Hashtag Health
  •  Self-deleted account
  •  Built by journalists and human rights activist
  • PGP Key
  • Bitcoin payment
  • Ephemeral Content
  • Link confirmation
Link confirmation feature.


Protection for users comes in a variety of critical features, such as Anonymous Pub. This tool allows users to publish and debate anonymously without fear of causing controversy. A Warrant Canary has been set up on every single account on Sayches to give activists a greater opportunity. If the Warrant Canary image appears on your profile, you can relax. This means Sayches has never been a recipient of a secret government request seeking access to your data or records. Users should actively monitor the removal of this sign.


Sayches provides for this freedom of expression while also combating fake news and hate speech head-on. In conjunction with Sayches’ team of professionals and volunteers, our AI technology will instantly identify and remove content that promotes and escalates unrest. Our users’ safety is of the utmost importance to us.


One of the severe problems with online privacy is that most users do not read privacy policies before accepting them. The first difference is that Sayches offers a concise, easy-to-read privacy policy, making it simple to comprehend what you’re committing to.

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Sayches is about privacy, and it emphasizes the importance of preserving our ability to be anonymous online. It also features a publicly accessible source code that can be inspected and checked for transparency. It ensures no tracking methods are hidden behind the backend and surreptitiously gathering your data.

PGP Key feature


As a result, individuals can post on social media without fear of repercussion for expressing their opinions. They can also post without being subjected to Big-expanding Tech’s censorship paradigm. Liberties need protection for the sake of everyone involved.

The platform is also community-driven and produced by developers who believe that individuals should go online without being bothered. Isn’t it true that a self-regulatory platform controlled by Big Tech is a positive thing?

You can learn more about Sayches and its functionalities by visiting its documentation page, and here to signup.

Sayches integrates the functionality and benefits of mainstream social media into a single platform. They allow users to engage in all of the same business, personal, and recreational aspects of social media while respecting your privacy and protecting your anonymity. Sayches combines two industry-leading platforms to provide the best of both worlds. Sayches believes in the freedom to express oneself. Its mission is to provide a space where individuals worldwide may freely express themselves and interact without fear.

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