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Are you fit to be a blogger?

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Have you ever felt you are in the peak of happiness for doing something you have always wanted to do yet at the end of the day you still doubt if it is the right thing for you. You are almost considering of changing your paths then you constantly ask yourself the questions: am I fit to be a blogger? Is blogging really for me?


Here are several tips to ponder that would help you answer the questions constantly running in your head.

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  • Create solid and clear decisions– Most people hate changes while some people love to change ways and decisions from time to time. For instance, they feel happy for doing such activity. After a moment they decide to jump to a new one without thinking if it can make them happy as well. However, there is uncertainty that it can make them happy for long. Thus it is very important to make sensible decisions before choosing anything.
  • Take your time and have a break– Do you feel like abandoning your blog or you feel like you are not interested in blogging anymore? If you do, then take your time to think and give yourself a break. Perhaps it is just a bad day and you feel tired and stressed. Fatigue can make you disinterested in blogging you know.
  • That great feeling when you blog– Blogging can eat up your time and it takes a lot of patience to come up with a good post. Then again, there is that unexplainable happiness when every idea is beautifully formed into blog posts. Some of us may not be into posting pictures but we love to share a good photo once we find a one too. Other than that, as bloggers we all feel happy when someone tweeted, shared or +1 our blog posts. It does not matter how many people shared our posts as long as we know that people are actually reading our blog.

Nonetheless, suppose you find yourself fed up in writing about certain topics then do not push yourself to come up with a good post because your efforts would be worthless. You will never be able to run your blog for long if you are not interested of reading your own posts. So how about writing about the things you love or the things that makes you happy?

  • Make new improvements on your blog- If you are not satisfied with several features in your blog you can customize it for a change. Nonetheless, you have to refrain from changing your blog theme or design too often. For instance, you can make new additions for the category pages. If it motivates you to write more and gives you a sense of fulfilment then that is good. Creating new blog posts would be great as well. However, you need to ask yourself what other improvements you can make for your blog.
  • Be yourself when writing your blog posts- Are you fit to be a blogger? The answer is absolutely yes. I am a type of blogger who writes original contents. I provide fresh blog posts for my readers. If you would take time to leave comments on my blog I would be happy to send my replies. You might regard me as outspoken but I am someone who speaks my mind.

Actually, there are no certain rules that says when someone is a blogger and when someone is not. Suppose you have a blog and write blog posts then you are a blogger. You may not be writing on regular basis but you write when you have something relevant to share then that makes you a blogger. In fact, Quick Blog Tips were made to provide helpful information for your blog. It serves as guide not rules that you should strictly follow.

Suppose you want to make a week break from blogging then allow yourself to relax and freshen up your mind and body. Instead of pushing yourself to write 10 blog posts just take time to wind up to be able to write 10X good blog posts.

If you love blogging and writing fresh contents then you are really for blogging. If you love making your ideas into posts then you are a blogger. Just keep up the good work for a successful blogging career.

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