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Bennet Schwartz Sydney Creative Director Shares 5 New Trends In Digital Printing For 2021

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The digital printing industry changed overnight because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With these changes, the industry is looking at new ways to reach customers and provide value. The five trends listed below show that the industry is changing with the market instead of keeping with old business models. Digital printers must pivot every time the market changes, and the changes described here make it easier for printers to reach customers and provide a higher level of service.

Read through these trends to consider how your business can improve or how you can save money. Trimming costs and offering a better experience is possible throughout the digital printing industry. The simplicity of these products makes them easier to use across all industries because digital printers must reach businesses regardless of their size or budget.

Artisan Labels

Bennet Schwartz Sydney is intrigued by artisan labels for small businesses. Short one-off runs of labels allow small businesses to add special labels to specific packages. In short, a small business can enhance the design of every package without ordering new boxes. In some cases, the label draws the attention of the customer more than the box.

Artisan labels also help businesses send letters, create marketing materials in-house, and create a culture around a new logo. This label can go on everything, and the business might announce its presence with a label instead of a standard logo. Digital printers can even redesign these logos for their clients as a way of updating the client’s image.

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Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials are always at the forefront of every industry. In 2020, the digital printing industry needed to save as much money as possible while treating the environment with care. As concern rose over the state of the environment and climate change, digital printing companies turned to recycled and reused materials. Sustainable business practices help these companies save money and time while reducing their carbon footprint.

Using sustainable materials helps digital printers market themselves to other companies. When their customers focus on going sustainable, they want to show that they can support their partners in going sustainable. This is a simple marketing pitch that could spread to other parts of the business. Digital printers can show that they use recycled ink, solar power, wind energy, and other sustainable methods.

Waste Reduction

As part of the sustainable business model, digital printers want to cut down on waste reduction. Reducing waste is a simple way for businesses to save money. Waste reduction adds to the sustainable model, and it also helps other businesses thrive. As digital printers cut back on waste, they can funnel those byproducts of their process to recycling firms that can feed the industry.

Remaining sustainable from both ends is important, and the printer ultimately saves quite a lot of money every month. Some companies participate in both parts of this process, but others only commit to one based on the materials they use every day.

Reduced Packaging Costs

Reducing packaging costs involves several different options, including printed labels on the boxes and foldable boxes. Foldable boxes are easy to assemble, and they require a small amount of tape to hold together. Printing boxes with the labels on the surface will cut back on packaging waste and sending digital labels to clients for printing cuts back on packaging and delivery costs.

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Bennet Schwartz Sydney understands that small businesses do not have time to completely unwrap shipments and turn over labels. Sending digital labels allows for quick printing and packaging. One half of the printing process is practically free of waste, and that helps both parties move on to new projects as quickly as possible.

Hybrid Labels

Hybrid labels allow shippers to add all the necessary information to a package before it leaves their facility. Shipping boxes across the world often leads to a patchwork of labels that ruin the appeal of the box when it arrives. Digital printers can create hybrid labels that allow their customers to add everything from bar codes to addresses and even customs information. These labels still carry the name and contact information of the shipper along with their logo and color scheme.

Hybrid labels also add to the sustainable business practices of certain businesses. Using just one label cuts back on waste while allowing businesses to print all their information in a single sitting.

Change Your Business for the Better

As digital printers hope to improve their business models, they will find that they can reduce costs and offer better options for customers. One-off labels, foldable boxes, and improved customer care allow printers to meet the needs of their clients for as little money as possible. At times, digital printers can even send their designs virtually for quick printing. Transition to a better label when you want to enhance your company’s image or make shipping a little simpler.

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