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Best Tax Tips That Helps Lower Your Taxes This Year

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Calculating your taxes and finding out that you owe the government money is the most dreaded thing for any person. But there are many things that can be done beforehand that will not only ensure that you pay less money as taxes but also make it easy to prepare your tax return next year. 

Examine your finances: The foremost thing to do before you prepare for this year’s tax season is to analyze the finances. You will have to know your income and expenditure to date and the rough estimate of your expenses and savings for the rest of the year. Analyzing the finances is the foremost tax-saving tip that any professional will give. If you are going to be in a lower bracket than last year, you have the option to shift the year-end income to the beginning of next year. Find out your adjusted gross income and deduct that from the total income to know the tax bracket you fall into. That can further help in making suitable tax-saving investments.

Maintain proper tax records: Ensure that you keep a record of all the documents of expenses, payroll statements, tax forms or any other key documents that are needed to write-off. That will help when you are filing your taxes as having records will reduce the time needed to prepare for the process. 

Make use of the tax credits: Ensure that you get the tax credits that you are due for; it helps in reducing the taxes that you will pay out of your pocket. There are many new tax credits added these days apart from the already existing ones. Some of the examples where you can get some exemptions are buying an electric car, installing solar electricity panels to home, education credits, child tax credits, etc. 

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Don’t postpone filing taxes: Most people tend to push filing of taxes till the deadline approaches as they find it to be a big drag. However, one should not do that as that will only cause trouble, as there is a high likelihood of making mistakes and not take into consideration all the sources while doing it. If you do not have the time or inclination to do the taxes, hire tax attorneys who are 100% devoted to your case as they will check every entry and ensure that there are no errors. They also verify if your return has all names and identification numbers of your spouse and dependents if applicable are proper to get tax credits if applicable. These tax professionals will ensure you meet the deadline for filing returns and help calculating tax deductions. 

IRS has a lot of information: The IRS website contains all the forms that are needed for the filing. In addition, many resources online can help you answer all the tax-related queries. Therefore, anyone who knows how to use the internet can calculate their own taxes and file it. The IRS also offers free assistance to people through a helpline and guides on various topics related to tax. In many locations, tax counseling by volunteers is arranged by the local IRS, which can be made use of to get assistance.  

E-File to get quick refunds: Most people may not be aware of this fact that the e-filing of taxes is processed more quickly than paper. If you are expecting a tax refund and you have all the documents in place the best way is to e-file it using the IRS website as that will help you get the refund amount quickly. Another advantage of e-filing is that the website checks for application completion and reduces the chances of error. Moreover, there will be an acknowledgment receipt for your return, which you will not get when you send by postal service. 

Get refunds to your bank account: Always ensure that you provide instructions in the income tax return forms to refund the money directly to a bank account. You can enter the bank details in the tax return for that to happen. It is the safest and the best choice as the chances of check theft or going to the wrong address are negated. 

Take advantage of tax savings plan: Investing in retirement plans like 401(k) is not only a way to fund your retirement but also saves money now. When you contribute to these saving instruments, it will reduce the taxable income for the current year and hence pay fewer taxes and ensure that you have a safe nest for your future.  

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Tax management is an essential part of financial planning as that can reduce the amount of money you spend on paying taxes. So spend time on tax reduction techniques that will lower taxable income. 

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