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The 6 Best WordPress Hosting Providers With Amazing Deals

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If you’re making websites and you rely on WordPress to build them, the first step is to choose a hosting provider. But the most annoying problem facing every website developer: there are many hosting providers to choose from. And because the hosting you choose really matters at it impacts your website’s speed, security, and reliability…

The BlogProcess team has compiled a list of what we think are 5 of the best WordPress hosting providers available on today’s market, so help you make up your mind and choose the right one for your WordPress needs.

In this post, we will discuss these five providers that are not only good but they provide WordPress-only hosting dedicated servers, which means they are market specialists that save and configure all their server’s resources to match WordPress requirements.
If you want to try one of the best WordPress hosting providers, we recommend reading the Kinsta review to find out why it’s got its place on this list.

The Best WordPress Hosting Providers

  1. WP Engine
  2. Kinsta
  3. Flywheel
  4. Pressable
  5. HostGator Cloud
  6. Pressidium

The Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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1- WP Engine

WP Engine provides your website with a suite of agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions, so anyone can develop and deploy a range of online experiences from blogs to e-commerce websites.

Key Features:

  • CDN & SSL included with every package,
  • Genesis Framework and StudioPress Themes for Free,
  • One-Click Staging,
  • Constant updates and server upgrades.

2- Kinsta

Kinsta has combined the fastest network and platform in the world (Google Cloud) and supported it with the best engineering teams and the most experienced WordPress developers in the industry to provide a WordPress-Specific solution.

Key Features:

  • 100% based on Google Cloud Servers,
  • 17 data centers around the world,
  • Free CDN, free Letsencrypt SSL, staging environments, with automatic daily backups,
  • Free hack fix.

3- Flywheel

Flywheel’s platform offers you a professionally managed WordPress hosting packed with smooth workflow and collaboration tools, with highly effective systems that allow fast loading times.
Flywheels also provide nightly backups for an extra layer of peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Tuned for WordPress with a server-side caching tool,
  • Free migration, no matter how many websites you have,
  • One-Click Staging, Website ownership transferring and Demo sites,
  • Built-In SITE STATS.

4- Pressable

Pressable is a company willing to differentiate itself from the competition by proposing all of the Managed WordPress services and features as the other companies in the market, but also have a greater focus on fulfilling exceptional support service and keeping their customers smiling.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise Architecture for WordPress,
  • WooCommerce and Jetpack Premium ready,
  • Unlimited Storage,
  • One-Click Staging environments.

5- HostGator Cloud

Unlike the other WordPress Managed Hosting providers, Hostgator is the only company that provides free email hosting with their solution.
Hostgator also has other features including free migrations, advanced security, and a clean and unique control panel.

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Key Features:

  • Sites load about 2.5x the pace of sites using other providers,
  • Free Google Ads and Bing Ads credit,
  • Free and unlimited email hosting,
  • Automated Daily Database backups with a File-Level restoring system.

6- Pressidium

Pressidium designed and perfected one of the first industry-leading managed hosting services for WordPress.
An unparalleled premium web hosting and management service that provides fast, powerful, scalable, and secure hosting to owners and managers of professional WordPress sites.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise Architecture for WordPress,
  • Malware monitoring and removal and Managed web application firewall,
  • Multilayer Adaptive Caching,
  • One-Click Staging.

The Best WordPress Hosting Providers – Up to you

Whether you’re looking for high-speed loading times, High-end security, full-time support, or daily backups, there is always a WordPress hosting provider that will fit your needs.
But, it’s up to you, to test and check which one of them is the right fit. And the great news is that most of these providers will offer you the ability to test their services before you commit to them.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. It means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own.

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