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Book of The Week – THINKING: Change Your Thoughts with Step by Step Method

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In this impressive book, Andrew MacDonald explains one of the most essentially profound aspects of our lives: THINKING!

In a world directed toward difficulties, fake achievement and statuses, every one of us is feeling lost from the lack of persistence or the right approach to live this life in a meaningful way. But Andrew provides us with a powerful remedy. In his book, he represents a combination of stories and methods.

THINKING… The integrity of choosing one word makes it an instigator for life-change. Confusion and complexity lead to failure, while simplicity and focus lead to success and clarity. So the book offers an action plan and a simple method to discover your thoughts, to understand them, to change them, and to control them which will lead to better decision making.

Your thoughts shape your feelings which in turn influence your attitude that affects your behavior that consequently molds your decisions.

And while reading the book, you will start asking questions like “What gives us this feeling of not being happy?, “How do we reconnect with ourselves than others?” but in the end, you will discover that the answer ley on your thinking perspective and your emotions.

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You will change your thinking, your life… but with Andrew, you will find your self traveling on a journey ready a very entertaining and well-researched style book like no other.

Inspirational, efficient and a must-read for everybody who wants to be happier and grow a more strong and impactful leadership thinking and how to live life boldly; because want it or not, life evolves with its ups and certainly downs. Fortunately, there’s a how-to book by this brilliant writer to assist us through it.

Book Full Title: THINKING: Change Your Thoughts with Step by Step Method to Make Effective Decisions, Remember More, Improve Problems and Generate Better Results.
Category: Nonfiction <Body, Mind & Spirit> Inspiration & Personal Growth
Author Name: Andrew MacDonald.
Length: 28 pages.
Format: Kindle Edition, Paperback & Audiobook.
File Size: 1803 KB

The book is also available as a paperback copy.

Short Official Description
You’re about to discover how to transform your life for the better by equipping you with the power to control and change your thoughts to overcome all your problems and manifest your desired reality.

If you often find yourself stuck in problems, engulfed with struggles and experience chronic analysis paralysis that keeps you from making well-informed decisions, don’t blame fate for your bad luck. While luck does play some role in our lives, that influence isn’t as huge as the one you have on your own life.

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Yes, you read that right. We are the ones who truly manifest our reality through our thoughts, emotions, actions, behavior, and decisions. Your thoughts shape your feelings which in turn influence your attitude that affects your behavior that consequently molds your decisions. If you are bombarded with problems from every possible direction, it is likely you are creating that reality for yourself.

Click this link to enjoy THINKING: Change Your Thoughts with Step by Step Method on your Kindle.

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