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Can Ghost, the new comer win a significant market share?

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For some years now, WordPress (WP) has established itself in the blogging world, as the leader in web content creation and management. Born in 2003, the software which is used with PHP has won a multitude of bloggers. It certainly takes some knowledge in the field of computer science to use WordPress properly.


But, past the stage of installing the software, once familiar with the tools available to the user , there are many possibilities . And it becomes easy to create eye-pleasing and readable interface. WP CMS allows various themes. All can be set and adjusted according to the tastes and requirements of the blogger. This, however, is only possible with the paid version of WordPress which also includes the addition of extensions and other options very useful when it is desired to give a blog a more professional look. WP has reached an international audience and, especially in English speaking countries, its success is not denied. However, the infinite number of options, themes, extensions is an advantage as a disadvantage. Because the developers wanted to create a support which would be quite comprehensive, WP has become more complex. And vulnerable. Indeed, the flaws have increased and hackers have found with WP an interesting playground.

For all these reasons, WP is not really considered today as a blogging platform. Its use became difficult and it looks more like a website manager.

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Faced with what some describe as “mammoth”, a newcomer may well disrupt the established order. This is Ghost which is arisen in the fall of 2013, initiated by John O’Nolan, as a reaction to the setbacks of WP. What’s this? A priori, a sort of WP, that is to say, a blog platform as open source. But, and this is a positive point, the interface is both easy to use and asthetically beautiful. Here’s which should attract even those who are a little reluctant to computers. If we can deplore the reduced number of features, it should be noted that these were limited to ensure a better protection against hackers. However, it is possible to add plugins created by oneself or by others. Blogs can be personal or collaborative. Unlike WP, it is not a CMS but a blogging platform, intuitive and easy to use. With Ghost, John O’Nolan could win a wide audience.

The platform remains at an early stage but is promising. WP has long offered hosting on its servers. It is currently the only to have this advantage. But Ghost already plans to do the same.

The microcosm of bloggers will form an opinion on the issue by testing !

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