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Chaos That Overloads When IT Failures Downslide

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The IT infrastructure of any business is similar to plumbing structures. You never really know or feel the impact and only notice that there is an issue when it fails to continue working. Just like we take our human senses for granted until there is a dysfunction.

System dysfunctions can affect the smooth operations of any organization. This factor is sometimes overlooked…..until all comes to a grinding halt!

If you experienced an IT failure and felt the impact on your surroundings, whether it was a power cut or a server crash, or maybe data malfunctioning, then you will immediately be aware of the monumental consequences. Especially in this digital era!

Let us analyze the impact of IT breakdowns with no on-site IT support for companies and be prepared to avoid such cases.

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Incredible costs of IT failures are evident without even searching intensely. Global organizations have suffered devastating financial disorders as a result of the system collapses.

One such example of massive financial disorders is the 2015 Royal Bank of Scotland case. Six hundred thousand payments from customers and direct debits were lost!

The IT crash was caused by outdated technology. In the year 2012, they were fined £56 million for a similar problem.

British Airways suffered a system malfunction leaving 75,000 passengers grounded during a half-term holiday period! The problem was attributed to a human error power surge and has cost BA over £80 million!

The extreme examples are cautionary signs to take note of. If the IT system of your business fails, beware of a likely severe financial impact. It will result in interruption of services offered, and incur costs of lost productivity. Furthermore, technicians will be required to solve the issue. According to KPMG reports, 522 new sources indicated that IT incident losses are estimated to be approximately £400,000 annually.

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If the IT infrastructure of your company goes down, you will most likely feel the time pressure of every waiting moment, until all is running and back in order. Valuable time in working days is wasted when servers are down.

When there are interruptions, working teams tend to down tools as well, resulting in financial losses that are magnified! In such a situation having on-site IT support for companies can be a crucial step. Perhaps, this could save on downtime and also shrink the financial losses.

Short system downtime intervals can cause significant productivity dips as well.

Studies relating to the impact of workplace interruptions have indicated that it takes longer for minds to refocus after disruptions. A UC IRVINE report stated that 23 minutes were needed to refocus. Carnegie Melon University reports state that cognitive function potential decreases to 20 percent. Adding efficiency and lost time equates to major down slides as a result of system performance. This is detrimental.



A website that does not efficiently function is just like restricting entrance to potential customers.

They will move along and take their business elsewhere. Even loyal customers do not have the time or energy to reload websites more than two times. If your website dysfunctions, it will cause permanent damage to the reputation of a brand in the perception of all customers and clients.

Any business that is unable to maintain an online presence will not inspire confidence in the services that they offer or products that they provide.


Overloaded or outdated servers deem to be problematic for various reasons.

Firstly, they pose a risk of stored data. Even running out of server space can cause freezing or crashing. This consequently ends up with data loss and irreparable damage!

Operational problems faced by businesses through information or records loss also have possible legal ramifications. This is emphasized for organizations that store personal data.

Personal data losses due to system failure could affect businesses drastically with new data laws that come into effect.


IT failures are problems all organizations can do without.

Many organizations have no contingency plan. As catastrophic fallouts, maybe, safeguarding against possible system interruptions and breakdowns are quite simple.

A comprehensive on-site IT support for companies’ infrastructure will ensure that processes are supported and there are no interruptions, including networks, document, file and data storage, business apps and email.

Reliable and scalable data solutions backed with security and recovery are tailored specifically for recovery.

Medium-sized or small businesses have IT services that are essential for efficiency in organizational growth and operations. They are cost-effective and flexible with services that are managed on-site 24/7, to oversee IT systems and provide relevant support.

It is possible to protect all businesses from the impact an IT failure can cause. An IT team with knowledge is the ultimate tool to make your business function efficiently, leaving you with enough time to focus on profitability.

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