Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Easy Tips for Changing the Author of a Published Post in WordPress

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Suppose you wrote a post and published it then realized that you are not the author listed, how will you plan to change the “author”? There are other reasons why writers need to change the author of the blog posts such as: when you need to replace the author name under your name, as well as when you have a guest blogger writing along with your post. Here’s a relevant suggestion that would help in changing the author name: 

The needed information is not located on the settings page instead, head over to ALL POST section and follow the following instructions accordingly.


When you are already on this part, choose the blog post you want to change the author name. Check and then click EDIT and then pull down the drop down menu on the bulk action button, then click APPLY. Wait for it to load until the new BULK EDIT window appears. You will see the author names then pick your desired author.

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Publish your blog post under your preferred user name. That’s very easy right? Now you can change the author of your blog posts whenever necessary and you can change it fast and quick.

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