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Effective tips in finding your audience and readers

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You must have noticed how other blogs are getting numerous comments while you are just getting a few. Furthermore, you must be wondering why no one bothered to read your latest posts.

Most probably your readers are not aware of your blog, hence you have to find your readers and captivate them. Here’s how:

1-Use various social networks- Using social network sites like Google+, Twitter and even Facebook can help you increase your exposure online. You have to communicate with your readers well and using these means is the fastest and most effective way to do that.

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2-Submit guest posts- Look for blog sites which are accepting guest posts and make the best post for it. Numerous bloggers are accepting guest posts hence you can assure that you will find one. Most of them gratefully accept guest posts. A good guest post can attract a good amount of readers on your blog so write well. Thus, it’s just right to make a relevant guest post for the benefit of the author, readers and you also.

3-Share a good post- whenever you stumble upon an interesting content your readers would love to know then do not hesitate to share it to them. Surely you will come upon a good content every time you get online, hence be tech-savvy. Every time you see a helpful content copy-paste the link on your Wordpad and save it on a separate folder. That way, it would be easy for you to post the links on your Twitter once you logged on Twitter. However you have to post these links periodically to interest your readers more. This would keep them coming to your blog and Twitter page to know more about your latest trivia. Posting every second is not advisable so you have to post your links in regular intervals.

4-Subscribe to Newsletters- It would also help if you will subscribe at a blog you love reading the most. Besides, reading is learning. If you are worrying about getting spam emails then it is recommended that you create an email for your newsletters only. That way, you can separate newsletters from your personal emails. Other than that, you will be able to read these newsletters whenever you wish to. It would be easy for you to manage and sort it out as well. Once you read a good newsletter, take time to write a response to the author. It would boost the author and your credibility as well.

5-Enlighten your readers- Instead of writing about probable blog problems, it would be sensible to ask your readers first what exact problems they have encountered on their blog which needs solution. That way, it would be easy for you to make a write-up of the causes and keys that would solve the blog problems. Rather than writing about the don’ts and do’s that bloggers should do, create a blog post that explains about a certain subject that bloggers should know about such as problems in HTML, Feeds and broken links. That way, it would be easy for them to find what they are looking for and how they would apply it. Keep your focus and do not just write in general. You have to make every post clear to your readers and not vague.

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