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Expert Advice for Effective Recruiting

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Unemployment has been a fundamental problem in many countries. And yet, entrepreneurs, managers and other HR specialists seem powerless in the face of an acute shortage of talent. This impacts their hiring practices and prevents them from surrounding themselves with skilled individuals. Effective recruitment approaches do exist, though, so long as you apply a few choice principles the best specialist recruitment agencies swear by.

Recruitment as Talent Sourcing

A recruitment agency does not start by looking for the perfect candidate, but endeavours to determine your company’s exact needs. This is why the key when adopting an effective recruitment strategy is to, first of all, identify all the key requirements of the position. Before posting a job ad, start by pinpointing your priorities. Don’t neglect the small details that make all the difference, however. For instance, two people applying to a managerial position will have their own unique perspective based on their respective experiences. If the first is a recent graduate who has been working as an intern across various industries, their approach will certainly be upbeat and imaginative. A second candidate who has spent many years holding a similar position at one given company will naturally be more familiar with the routine, though their methods could be less innovative. Be sure to word your ad accordingly.

Curate a Compelling Employer Profile

Such considerations help specialist recruitment companies define your business’s employer profile. Based on the image your company reflects and on your communication strategy, you will not attract the same type of candidates. To use our previous example again, a young manager with little experience but a lot of ambition will perhaps be drawn to trendy, exciting start-ups. They may indeed prefer industries that put innovation at the heart of what they do. The more seasoned manager, however, will most likely gravitate towards well-established corporations that offer a more traditional work environment.

Be sure to cultivate the right recruitment approach to attract the type of profile you are looking for. Social media is an important channel that will allow you  to shed some light on how you do things behind the scenes, for instance. One of the main benefits this long-term strategy has to offer lies in the immense potential an online presence creates (particularly with regard to your client base). Another advantage is that you won’t have to start all over again each time you wish to hire a new employee.

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Consider Your Long-Term Strategy Before Hiring

Recruitment agencies base their decisions on your business’s long-term needs. Future-proofing your imperatives will give you the edge when assessing the strategic value of your recruitment approach. Pay attention to your priorities at hand and to the role they will play in your company’s future. Does a time-consuming project that currently involves many resources but will come to an end in a few months justify hiring a full-time staff member? If the workload is only temporary, consider  a contractor, temp or interim manager.

Assess Your Candidates’  Potential

If your recruitment decision is part of a broader expansion strategy, think about your new hire as an opportunity to bring in someone who will support that growth for years to come. To find the right person who will work alongside you throughout this endeavour, look for transferable and soft skills. Based on your own development focus, essential elements will stand out naturally. It’s up to you to identify   and make them a priority when reviewing applications. And don’t hesitate to ask your candidates during interviews about their own vision for their   future career.

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