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Fiery Forecast Q1 Earnings by JD.Com Solidifying their Hold as an Industry Leader

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The online retailer giant, with its focus on China, revealed that they exceeded expectations for their first-quarter earnings. They assert their dominance with the help of retail giants, Walmart and Alphabet, who back them up. The company chief executive officer, CEO Richard Liu, is all praises for his hardworking team, who was instrumental in ensuring they took the JingDong Company to greater heights. He acknowledges critical thinking and collaboration as the key players in getting the job done so they can achieve this position and wow their industry competitors, as well, as entice more clients.

Richard Liu also shared that Tencent Holdings also renewed an agreement with This helped in solidifying e-commerce sales growth. JingDong noted that revenues for the first three months of January to March rose from 20.9% when compared with the same period last year. They earned 121.1 billion Chinese yuan, with a rough conversion of 18 billion US dollars. They even managed to top the consensus prediction and forecast of 120.1 billion yuan which was compiled Refinitiv.

These massive gains bring great pride and joy to the JingDong shareholders. Bringing up the share earnings to 4.96 yuan per share, or roughly 33 cents per U.S. listed share, the company has overtaken the consensus forecast. The aforementioned was only expecting 12 cents per share and the company has given them a figure that’s more than double. This massive growth is truly remarkable, smashing the expected forecasts. also announced that it has renewed its strategic partnership with Tencent. This grants them high-level access to its Weixin platforms. This, along with WeChat, is responsible for attracting 1.1 billion users each month all throughout the first quarter. The figure grew by 11 percent when compared to the same time frame and figure last year.

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For their three year deal, JingDong is slated to pay Tencent around $800 million. The online giant, in return, will receive $250 million class A shared of the company. It is a win-win situation for all.

Richard Liu explained that their company is focused on delivering best practices and being the most trusted online retail store experience to clients in China. He believes those qualities also contributed to a strong performance in the first quarter.

Mr. Liu added they will continue to invest in pertinent and significant technologies. On top of that, they continue to tap strong industry talent to fortify their team. The primary goal is to reach an even bigger and wider customer base, which they aim to attract and keep their hold on through their cutting edge ideas and innovation. Their company maintains its stronghold and continue to remain positioned for delivering long term strong shareholder values. Their rapid growing scale and increasingly efficient operations ensure this vision will become a reality.

Noteworthy, the JD company US-listed shares were marked 52% higher at the start of trading days. This allowed the earnings release to be transferred to different hands at $28.93 a piece. This can be considered a solid move that would extend the stock’s year to date gains to nearly 45 percent, following the earnings release to change hands at $28.93 each.

Active customer accounts grew by 15 percent according to a very happy JD client. From last year’s 310.5 million, the product revenue even increased by 19 percent, with the rough equivalent amount to $16.2 billion. Such progress makes all the shareholders ecstatic. Costs may have also increased by 20 percent but non-GAPP operational margins improved by 1.6 percent, which is equivalent to 80 basis points. All in all, it was definitely, a fiery first quarter for the company.

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