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Free Web Hosting – Are They Worth It?

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There are some great deals online at the web space and accommodation, but we must look to find the best deals. You should take in consideration how long a web hosting company has been in business.

Looking for free web hosting or web space on the Internet is quite simple. All you have to do is to key in “free web hosting” or similar keywords in search engines such as Google, Altavista and Yahoo. The results should bring back options for free web space. There are many individuals and businesses looking for a place to put your website without having to pay for the service. These free services can provide anywhere from 5 MB to 100 MB of web space online to host your web site.

Free sites also come with some interesting things, such as guest books, counters, virtual subdomains, tracking features, blogs, and other useful scripts that are usually Java coded scripts and a lot more. These additions are good for people who have little or no knowledge in building a website.
A free service sounds like a good idea, but the goal is to do your research to see if the deals are worth it or not. Free services can also bring other unwanted things you have to deal with when you register for the service. Usually, you have to submit to advertising and surveys to fill out a form before you can get the free service. Most free sites are also ad-supported. Be sure to read the user agreement that comes with free services.
If you want to use cheap hosting and you do not want ads on your site, you can get a service similar to free hosting and pay a small fee to maintain your website without unwanted ads. Some of these providers offer web hosting for as low as $ 2.95 per month with 100 MB of web space. If that’s good enough for you, grab the deal and you can just upgrade your hosting plan at a future time. There is much competition for cheap web hosting, and you can find some good deals if you look hard enough.

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