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Getting Traffic to Your Blog

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Some people wonder why their blogs aren’t getting near the kind of traffic they wanted after half a year.  Little do they know, they are making many critical mistakes that are greatly affected their traffic statistics.
  • First off, you need to be one of the best blogs in your niche.  People need to respect what you’re saying about it as fact, and you can’t just have the same stuff everyone else does.  You need to have a fresh, new, and interesting perspective on new issues and topics.  Book reviews are great post ideas, as well as anything in your niche that you can think of that hasn’t been posted before, or at least, that everyone hasn’t posted about before.
  • You also need to be connected.  Not only does this mean with other bloggers, preferably who are also authorities, but through sites like Digg, Technorati, Reddit, StumbleUpon, RSS, and other similar services.  Twitter and Facebook are also great in order to get your ideas out there in a different form, and to communicate with similarly minded people.
  • Thirdly, being thoughtful really does count.  If someone asks you a question, or even for a small favor, you should really answer it well, or do that favor.  Who knows, it might pay back really well in the long run, and in the least case, it will still increase your reputation with your readers.
  • Getting creative is one of the best ways to gain new traffic.  If you try new things that end up being successful, and incorporate new things in new ways, people will talk about it, and bring you new traffic from other audiences.  Graphs, polls, pictures, and random interactive activities are all great ways to get creative with your blog.
  • Lastly, you need to be interesting.  If your blog is real boring to read, no one will come back to it, let alone talk about it, at least, in a good way.  You should see what types of posts and topics get the most readers and post more things like it.  You should include fun, excitement, and personality in your posts, along with information, not just information itself.  That is a great way to have potential subscribers just leave you blog with the intention of never returning.
So remember, be an authority, get connected, be thoughtful, get creative, and be interesting, and you blog will gain many more readers.
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