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Guide to Converting Your SEO Inquiries into Sales in 2020

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SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most widely used terms in today’s digital and marketing world. Every marketer and content creator in any advertising agency knows the importance of SEO to generate sales and revenue for the espective companies. 

SEO, in simple terms, is used to identify keywords that the general audience will type in to browse the web in order to learn about a specific subject or buy the necessary items. It is done by coding and implementation, followed by website optimization and report tracking.

It often happens that new marketers confuse inquiries with leads and hence overestimate the chances of sales. Also, beginners might get stuck when it comes to understanding the ways to overcome these inquiries and turn them into sales. 

Here, we’ll talk about SEO inquiries and how these can be converted into a revenue-generating machine. But first, let’s see what SEO inquiries are and how these differ from keywords.

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Why are keywords important? What are SEO inquiries in terms of keywords?

To put it simply, inquiries are basically the words typed by users in a search engine to find information related to their subject of interest. For instance, if you’re a male user and you’re planning to buy a pair of running shoes, you’d type something like ‘running shoes for men’, or ‘XYZ brand cheap running shoes’. The keywords here could be either ‘running shoes’ or ‘men running shoes’. Keywords are general words or phrases that are shuffled and assumed by an SEO master; these are the predictions made by marketers through various tools and measures that are almost close to general inquiries.

The words users type in to search for their subject are known as inquires, and it is difficult for marketers to predict all inquiries in their exact forms. Basically, inquiries are related to users and keywords are related to the marketers. Both of whom are unaware of the words that the other is aiming for and so, it can be troublesome to generate leads and turn these inquiries into sales. That is why it’s important to put your prime focus on keywords. These strategies will then be forwarded to potential clients. A reliable SEO proposal template guarantees results and generates more sales. An SEO proposal should comprise of the respective company’s logo, area of focus (personalized objectives or goals for the company such as concentration on specific regions or focusing on prices), keyword research, on-page optimization, content planning objectives, and many strategies that can help in turning inquiries to sales.

Strategies to convert inquiries into sales

Research about inquiries more than keywords

Inexperienced marketers, bloggers, and even some seasoned marketers aim directly towards keywords rather than searching about general inquiries. It’s necessary to track the pattern of users and their search habits. Even though this wouldn’t directly help in an increase in sales, the leads generated from potential customers have a higher chance of conversion to sales. And so, you need to try every method that might guarantee success.

It can be done using a number of tools available online. Google Webmaster Tool or Search Console are useful tools to search inquiries for your website or blog. These tools track the impressions that users leave which can be used to generate popular keywords. To use it, you need to make a Webmaster account and search the inquiries on ‘Search Traffic’. However, this is only useful to generate keywords from inquiries that are directed towards your website. What about the customers and inquiries that haven’t yet visited your page? This is when you can use other relevant tools such as Google autocomplete or Google Query.

Use Google query for further keyword research

This tool is useful to search for inquiries that aren’t directed to your page. When you type in any subject in the search engine bar, Google automatically gives you a few suggestions depending on popular searches. You can use these search results to form your own keywords, all the while receiving help from Webmaster; it goes hand in hand. Make a list of these top inquiries using the autocomplete algorithm and the inquiries based on the customers that were directed to your website. Combine these two search results and check with an SEO master about your predicted list of keywords.

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Have a clear content strategy

Even though you’ve won the keyword battle, your customers wouldn’t be happy without excellent content. You need to create a content plan that can turn users’ interests to leads and eventually to sales. Your content should be engaging, and relevant, and should be accessible across all platforms. It’s necessary to have a website along with a presence on popular social media platforms in today’s digitally-driven world. Your content should also focus on answering the questions of your customers and providing all the information they need, helping in creating trust between you. There are a lot of ways of creating content such as blog posts, infographics, animations, podcasts, ebooks, videos, guest blogs, user-generated content, reviews, and many more. Remember, content is key, and you should abide by it.

Focus on website optimization and user experience

Based on the interaction with users, websites are ranked by machine learning systems on Google or any other search engine. Once the user types in the subject, they will go to a website that is deemed reliable. If they spend more time on the website after clicking on it, the ranking of the page stays. But if he immediately goes back to the search results, the page might lose its ranking. The user is bound to stay on your website if they get relevant information and can navigate through the website easily, without wasting much time. This can drastically improve if you optimize your website and increase its user experience value.

It’s the year 2020 and e-commerce is booming. It’s high time that you get into the right strategies and take the maximum benefit of billions of people that are shopping online. A little research and effort can drastically improve your sales this year. Follow these tips to know your audience, target potential customers, and work towards improving your website to gain more leads than last year.

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