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Helpful Tips When Creating Your Resume for the Australian Market

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Are you looking to create a resume to get a job started in Australia? If so, read below and also follow these Australian guidelines for getting a job down under.

1. When To Add Your Address?

It seems like a logical step to add your place of residence to your resume. In fact, there is no reason to keep it a secret. Or is there? Because if you are applying for jobs outside of your local town or city, your address can put you at a disadvantage. Hence the reason for using your home address in a strategic manner.

For example, if you apply locally, go ahead and make sure the interviewer can see where you live. But applications to companies outside your hometown are likely to fail if the address isn’t local. This is why you should avoid giving your address when focusing on job opportunities outside of your hometown.

2. Highlight Special Connections

While it is not well-mannered to drop names of important people you worked with during casual conversation, it is something to highlight in your resume. Remember, the whole point of a resume is to impress your potential employer. And if you can honestly say that you worked with influential individuals or companies, make it work for you. Because this type of information is bound to stir interest in your ability.

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3. Bring Attention To Your Performance Reviews

Potential employers want to know you are productive and capable. But they also look at whether you are willing to go the extra mile. And this is where your performance reports can come in handy, especially if they speak to your credibility as a valuable employee. Never underestimate the good words of a previous employer, seeing as they can put you in a very good light.

4. Keep A Lid On Keywords

Sure, you are going to include keywords if the recruiters or companies use keyword-scanning software to find candidates. But do not compromise your resume in order to make the list. They will quickly spot the keyword spamming tactics.

5. Create A Special Email For Job Applications

There is no telling when a company might finally decide to contact you. At the same time, you want your resume to look professional. That means you should avoid using email addresses from your current work, or an address that just sounds very unprofessional like sweetthing43@gmail.com. Establish an email you can keep coming back to over the years, as well as use for professional resume reasons.

6. Put More Focus On Special Skills

Even though all your training and experience should be listed on your resume, do not linger on the basic skills most applicants are likely to share. Instead, focus on the skills that make you special. That is what recruiters and companies are looking for.

7. Do You Share Social Media Links?

It is becoming more common to see people adding social media links with their online resumes. However, not all social media platforms are appropriate. And in some cases, you can cost the interview by personal views you share on social media. Thus, if you have to share a social media link, make sure it is a professional one like LinkedIn. It is better to share personality traits face-to-face.

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