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How about Marigold Thermal Laminator laminating machine?

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How about Marigold Thermal Laminator laminating machine?

Buying a laminating machine would open up a world of possibilities for preserving documents/photos and DIY all sorts of fun crafts projects. However, you probably haven’t given too much thought to what kind of laminator you should buy to accomplish your laminating tasks. So, please take a moment to read this article and consider what you will use it for. Generally, a home laminating machine can cost you about USD25~USD30, but you can also spend USD70.00 or more on a much more professional laminator.

Here we want to introduce Marigold Laminators. We have prepared a simple table below to compare the specifications of different levels of laminator for your reference. Although it is about Marigold Laminators, you could take the table below as reference to get familiar with the specification and performance of other brands’ laminators.

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LM401 LM905 LM341
Entry Width 9” 9” 13”
Rollers 2 2 4
Warm Up 5minutes 5minutes 1minute merely

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(sheets of letter size pouch per hour)

60 sheets 60 sheets 96 sheets

High Speed

Thickness of Pouch Cold/3/5mil Cold/3/5mil Cold/3/4/5mil
Temperature setting Fixed 3 settings


4 settings


Temperature Control Tech Thermostat

entry level tech

NTC Fuse +IC Program NTC Fuse + IC Program
Jam Release Manual release lever Manual release lever Motor reverse
Environment Home/small office Small/medium office Large/Medium office
PROS 1/ Very costeffective, suitable for small office and home ,

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2/ One-step lamination, very easy to operate, what you see is what you get, you do not need to think too much about how to operate it.

Very popular medium level of laminator. It has professional heat settings, and could complish some complex laminating tasks 1/ Professional 4-roller laminator

2/ Instant 1 minute warm up

3/ Fast Laminating Speed.

Qualified for most complex laminating needs, no matter copy paper, photo paper or even more challenging material

CONS 1/ Thermostat is a very basic temperature control tech. The fixed temperature works nicely on 3mil pouch ,but it could NOT laminate 5mil pouches more than 5 sheets continuously at once. But it works well if you only laminate 3~4 sheets of 5mil pouch.

2/ It could not do too much complex laminating tasks due to its basic temperature control tech.

Expect its warm up time could be shorten in the future, if there is a 2nd updated version.  Price is a bit higher.But you pay what you get.


Which Home Laminator is Best for You?
This is a very big question. The answer actually depends on what you need, how often you laminate, and how many sheets of pouch you would laminate at once, also it depends on your budget. Please take some time to study the above table and think about what sort of project you would use the laminator to do ? Your personal laminating needs should guide you first in making your final decision!

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