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How blog commenting can bring visitors and gain backlinks?

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If you wish to know what besides off shoring SEO promotions and others can bring good quality traffic to your site, then you should go on commenting on blogs similar to yours. This is in fact something a webmaster can do self and is one of the best organic ways to bring more traffic to one’s site and gain backlinks. Thus, two things accomplished by blog commenting are – bringing visitors and gaining backlinks.


Now the question is how blog commenting can bring visitors and gain backlinks? That off course will take some toil of yours. You simply cannot go on commenting with your eyes closed on posts published in similar blogsites. You have to read them and comment them sensibly leaving your website link either in the space provided (in case of wordpress blogs) or in the post so that others who read comments really get inspired and click on the link to divert to your website.

It is important that if you wish to have targeted traffic to your website it is important that you select websites or blogs that are based on your niche and then you have to subscribe to their RSS feed so that you are aware whenever they update their posts. By leaving sensible comments regularly to some popular blogs you just don’t get the backlink to your site but also indirectly invite the readers of those sites to your site. Even if 40% of the visitors to those sites visit your site, imagine the multifold volume of traffic to your site.

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Another question that arises — why would visitors from others sites visit your website simply reading your comment? That is where the trick is played by experts. If you find posts that have some arguable angles either that you accept or don’t, you can post your comment in such a way that it attracts visitors to know more on it. Such a craze would drive them to your blog where you would have unique content and provide something they are looking for. If your site is really well maintained lots of them would go for bookmark or RSS feeds. You job is done!

For best results on backlinks and traffic through blog commenting, go for ‘Dofollow Blogs’. These are blogs where you can get attention and Google search engine or other search engine will notice your links. But there are some rules for commenting on ‘Dofollow Blogs’

– All comments must be something relevant to the post. Don’t make insensible comments. And add something to the content of the post.
– Try to make at least two three line comment which contains least 35-40 words. And that won’t be so difficult if you are really doing the discussion.
– You can use tools like – KeywordLuv plugin which will enable you to use keywords as anchor text to your sites.

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