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How Blogging for Business Can Improve Your Sales

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Marketing is a changing industry. The internet has completely revolutionized the way companies interacts with their customers, and it has also changed the way potential customers find the companies they buy from. Gone are the days of where walk-ins or worth of mouth was the driving method for which to increase sales numbers. Gone are the days where a company could put up a simple ad in the newspaper and wait until the higher numbers started rolling in. The internet has upped the competition in any industry, and company owners need to stay educated and ahead of the curve if they want to see upward moving sales. Potential customers are in the market for value. They are also in the market with an eye for authenticity and authority. Nowadays, customers do their research before they buy anything, and they are doing all that research where? Online.

If you want to see your sales numbers increase, you need to have a very active online presence. There are many ways to increase your online presence, and each is important to consider and explore, but one of the best ways to engage with potential new customers (which means potential new sales) is the creation and regular upkeep of a company blog. But blogs are a lot of work, sure. So how do they help increase sales? Will the man-hours be worth the investment? Absolutely. Here’s why:

1- Search Engine Optimization
Because consumers are looking to the internet before they make any purchases, it’s important that they come across your company during their searches. Having your company come up high on Google’s search results ensures that a lot of eyes are on your company and your offerings. It’s a simple matter of statistics. The more people exposed to the existence of your product, the more people likely to buy that product. Having a company blog will give you a medium to increase your SEO.

2- Show Off Your Authority
Consumers want the most for their money. If you are a true authority of whatever industry your company works in, you can show off that powerhouse knowledge in your company blog. Consumers will not be blind to your impressive store of information. They will see you as an authentic retailer and they will want to spend their money on getting the best.

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3- Develop Brand Loyalty
In many ways, blogs are just another way for consumers to be entertained. Make sure your company blog is at the very least amusing and you will have loyal readers. If you can get readers to return again and again to read your blog’s newest content then you’ve hit the jackpot. This creates for your company a loyal consumer following which means steady and increasing sales.

4- Provide Useful Information & Solve Problems
Your blog should not be a long-term exercise in the sales-pitch. If your blog reads like an infomercial no one is going to read it and you will be wasting your time. Your blog is not your sales outlet. Your blog is what entices the sales. To properly entice you need to presence your blog as a valuable resource for your customer. This means making sure your blog offers truly useful information and helps your consumers solve their problems. By doing so, you will have established your company’s name in your customer’s mind as a trusted resource. Sales will naturally follow.

5- Learn about your customer
There are few better sources for increasing sales than having a real understanding of who your customer is. Because blogs live online, you are able to track the traffic on it. You will be able to see what kinds of people are visiting your blog, how they got there, what they read while they were there, and how long they spent reading it. This is valuable information because it enlightens you on what is working and what is not. With that information, you are able to tailor your whole marketing approach to be a more efficient sales-increasing machine.

Company blogs take time and effort, but they are a unique way to drive sales, and when put to correct use can be one of your most valuable marketing outlets.

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