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How Modern MCU Actors Stay Young and Healthy

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From rehab to cosmetic surgery, people have found ways to live a healthy lifestyle and improve their appearance. Sometimes, that’s not enough, because Americans get about one billion colds per year. But when celebrities playing characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) bounce back and find happiness in life, you’re bound to notice. Here is how we could have our favorite MCU characters back year after year.

Why We Need Actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Return

The roster of actors playing in MCU films has evolved over the years. Natalie Portman, Gweneth Paltrow, and Brie Larson have performed, to name a few. As of August 2021, these films brought in about $22.93 billion in revenue for the MCU front office, according to Statista. For fans watching in awe, it’s evident that the way the film industry has evolved has made it clear they should return. Viewers are looking at improved cinematography and better special effects that make our favorite actors look cooler than ever. If there is any reason the best MCU characters should stick around, it’s the healthy choices a few of them have made in their lives.

Rehab and Blockbuster MCU Characters

The story began in the ’90s. Robert Downey Jr. was an up-and-coming actor. Initially cast in 1996, he has nominated for an Academy Award thanks to the 1992 Chaplin. But then Downey hit a wall, getting arrested for heroin and cocaine possession multiple times. Over the years, he’d do a prison stint and get busted for intoxication before some time in rehab consisting of yoga, meditation, and therapy. Luckily he didn’t get charged with a DUI at that time because if you had a charge within 10 years of getting the DUI, the DUI can become a felony. Later, both IronMan and the 2012 blockbuster, Tropic Thunder were wildly successful, proving once again that hard work and dedication are an essential part of recovery and rehabilitation.

Cosmetic Surgery and Blockbuster MCU Characters

Botox injection was the number one non-surgical procedure performed in 2018. Out of all the aesthetic procedures, it’s the number one choice in the U.S. since 1999. Similarly, celebrities have found ways to use cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance and look young. From getting facelifts to cheek augmentation, the experts know what actors like Scarlett Johannsen need to look more attractive and powerful in their films. The Avengers Endgame actress is worth an estimated $165 million and reportedly got a nose job, known as rhinoplasty, to maintain her youthful image in the film. Actors doing inspiring things tend to make fans crave them more.

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Healthy Lifestyles and Blockbuster MCU characters

Not all actors who take care of themselves have to resort to cosmetic surgery or do time in jail. Take the Emmy-Award-winning Christine Baranski, who once told ABC News that a combination of herbs and vitamins kept her from getting sick. Crucial information to know considering that some people might consider winning an Emmy as equivalent to a life of healthy living. Just thinking of the kinds of actors who win these awards, MCU characters, in particular, are in a position to showcase their healthy living habits through personal stories of success. Getting sick can take time away from anyone who’s trying to do their best, so if herbs and vitamins are the solutions, then why not push for the celebrities who use them wisely to reappear in MCU films?

From Robert Downy Jr’s recovery story to Scarlett Johannsen’s run with cosmetic surgery, MCU actors have found ways to stay healthy to keep delivering blockbuster hits. All that’s needed in the future is a way to make sure these actors continue to believe in themselves. If their confidence is high, there is a good chance you’ll see your favorite Marvel Universe characters repeatedly in the future.

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