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How restaurant design will impact your bottom line

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Several factors determine whether or not a restaurant is profitable. While the cuisine so often seems like the most significant determining factor, the restaurant’s floor design plays an important role as well. Restaurant ambience impacts customer psychology and affects how much they order and how long they stay in the restaurant. 

A well-done layout makes all the difference when it comes to giving your customers a great dining experience. When customers enjoy their experience in your restaurant, they become repeat clients, which translates to increased profits. Here are ways in which restaurant layout will impact your bottom line. 

  1. Employee Satisfaction

Employees are the integral support system of the restaurant business. Increasing staff productivity and retaining quality employees is the goal of every restaurant owner. One way to achieve this is to provide the right kind of atmosphere for your employees to feel comfortable working in every time. 

A restaurant floor plan that includes a back of the house for employees is one way to help your staff feel a sense of belonging. Also, a layout that provides a staff restroom and lockers to protect their personal belongings is a great way to boost the employees’ level of job satisfaction. This will help you retain your staff and avoid the industry’s high employee turnover rates, which means an increased bottom line.

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A poorly done restaurant layout demotivates employees leading to loss of quality staff. To avoid the over costs of replacing employees, invest in a good restaurant design and watch your profits grow.

  1. Customer Acquisition

The goal of every restaurant owner is to acquire and retain customers. The floor plan of a restaurant forms an essential part of the branding and marketing strategy. It is the first thing that your customers notice as they walk through the doors. How your restaurant looks determines whether or not they find it a good enough place to eat at. This first impression affects the customer’s perception of your restaurant, what experience to anticipate and if they want to return to your hotel again.

If you set a pleasing ambience, your customers will feel relaxed and enjoy their experience at your restaurant. When your clients are satisfied, they end up visiting your restaurant more and spending more. Thus, this will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Customers who enjoy a good dining experience also provide word-of-mouth kind of marketing for your restaurant. It leads to the acquisition of new customers and positively impacts your restaurant’s bottom line. 

Alternatively, if you don’t set the right atmosphere for your customers, your bottom line will suffer. With an undesirable design, you won’t retain customers nor get referrals, adversely affecting your profits.


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The restaurant layout is crucial in supporting operational workflow and communicating your restaurant to patrons. No matter the type and size of your restaurant or the cuisine you offer, setting the right kind of atmosphere plays a significant role in helping you run a profitable restaurant. So, take the time and make sure you design yours appropriately.

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Kat Adiver
Kat Adiver
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