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How to choose the best payment solution for my e-commerce?

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If you are concerned with selecting the best payment option for your e-commerce business, then there are many factors that come into the play. Both the consumers and the merchants seem to be shifting from conventional means of payment towards the digital means. And the Internet has truly revolutionized the modes of payment considering all businesses.

Now all you have to do to send or/and receive your payment is to get access to a mobile or a laptop, tap a few keys and you are done with your purchase right away.

But in order to determine how to choose the best payment solution for your e-commerce new business, there are a few strings that need to be attached to the right hooks. Things like conversion rates, customer trust in your payment provider and most importantly the cost factor.

All of them, revolves around the payment solution you have chosen, whether it is feasible or not in terms of input and the overall profit you gain from it.

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Choosing the right payment solutions for your e-commerce website

1- Increasing Customer Confidence

You don’t want your business to look like a hoax or a click bait interface, as soon as the customer lands on your website and buy a few things they are going through the checkout process. There you need to provide the customers with a variety of payment options such as using credit cards including Master, Visa. But also, PayPal and other conventional ways of payment systems should be present.

This way customers won’t doubt your business and won’t link the poor interface or a handful selection of payment options on your business website to various fraud issues with online payment systems.

2- Improving Conversion Rates

Whenever a customer makes a purchase on your website and heads towards the checkout process, they are hoping that everything goes smoothly. If the checkout process is hindered by any unexpected issues, the customer will leave as soon as they came onto your website. This seriously deflates the conversion rates such as the guest customer becoming a permanent one on the basis of the excellent payment process.

Therefore, choose a payment solution that can ensure a smooth checkout without any unexpected errors and coming on terms with the consumer’s expectations about the online payment.

3- Transaction fees

Another important factor that influences the choice of the best payment solution is transaction fees.

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You need to compare the transaction fees of various payment solutions. What kind of features are given access to, free of cost? And what applications you need to subscribe in order to ensure a fully functional payment solution resonating with the needs of your business?

All these questions should be considered in your cost calculation, before you make your choice.

4- Outreach channels

People like to have the checkout process made as simple and convenient as possible, therefore choosing a payment solution enabled with ease of transaction through mobile and/or website application should be your utmost choice. This payment system can help the customers to develop confidence in electronic purchases by allowing the customers to complete their purchases using the links sent via SMS or those used on their social media accounts. They can choose either option depending upon their own preference.

Always choose a provider that can open the doors for your clients and make it easy for them to pay smoothly whatever channel or device they are using.


The process of choosing the best payment solution for your store or business website is not easy and you can’t only limit your choice to these points. A trustful store, now, has to deal with international clients, therefore, make sure in case you sell to European clients, to choose a payment solution that understands the international market and that will be clear about where your clients’ data will be stored to abide by these new market laws.

Don’t just study your provider but also study what your market is requiring.

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