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How To Create A Happier Workplace For 2020

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The holidays will be here before you know it, and as the holidays wrap up, people will begin working on their own personal New Year’s resolutions. But what about your business? This upcoming year, try setting a resolution for your business to make your company a better place to work in 2020. If you need a few places to start working toward this goal, use this guide as a framework for improving your company and making it a better place for your employees in the coming year.

Go digital for the new decade

In the new year, digital expertise is going to be more important than ever before. If you’ve been holding out on updating your online presence, now’s the perfect time to bring your company into the future. The technology isn’t necessarily new – the practice of P2P file sharing first became popular with the invention of Napster in 1999. However, adding more digital file sharing options and increasing your employees’ ability to access necessary information online will make day-to-day operations easier.

Going digital isn’t just great for your employees’ well-being – it can help out your marketing strategy as well. Including technical SEO in your marketing strategy can help you stay relevant in the coming decade. Technical SEO is comprised of various approaches to the technical implementation of a website that influences search indexation and rankings. These include, but are not limited to, HTML markup, mobile optimization, and schema markup.

Improve your employee benefits

When most people are seeking out full-time employment, benefits are essential. However, just because you offer health insurance doesn’t mean it’s as good as it could possibly be. Take a look at what your insurance provider offers to employees and be willing to adjust plan offerings – your employees will be incredibly grateful. Also look into certain types of disability benefits; your employees may never have to use them, but it’s practically guaranteed that they’ll be happy to have them. The Americans with Disability Act provides that reasonable accommodations must be provided to individuals who have a qualifying disability, absent a hardship caused to the employer. In general, the more you can do to make your workplace more accommodating both within and outside of ADA standards, the better.

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Invest in better equipment and tools

One simple way to make your workplace a better place for employees is to provide them with more advanced and higher-end tools to get the job done. This will look different for every company. Some with a higher degree of desk work will require better computers, while companies in other industries will want construction equipment – after all, the construction equipment industry is expected to grow 12% from 2016 to 2026. Listen to your employees and what they need – they’ll likely tell you what would be most helpful to have on the job if you listen to them.

Adjust in-office attitude

Finally, the easiest way to make your business a better place to work is by adjusting how you approach your attitude to the company. If you start interacting with employees more at the office, they’ll notice. This can include just general friendly conversation, but ideally, look to include more employee recognition in the upcoming year. Call attention to employees doing well, show appreciation for what everyone does in the office, and, if you can, promote those who are putting in the work and performing well. Your employees will be grateful, and you may even see increased productivity.

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to set some resolutions for your company and workplace. Use these tips to improve your office environment and make your company a better place to work for both yourself and your employees.

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