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Going through a divorce is traumatic. A divorce lawyer is supposed to put you out of a misery. Hire your divorce lawyer carefully. You don’t want to stress more than what you’re already facing. A good lawyer will help you get a better bargain and walk away from the divorce with what you deserve. You have to weigh your options and do a thorough research into the kind of lawyer that you need to hire for your needs.

Every attorney has a different way of working and has their own set of beliefs and philosophies. They’d have their own way of doing business. It is extremely important that you choose a lawyer that complies with your style and beliefs else you could end up in altercations.

So what are the main things that you need to look into? Look at the top things that you need to consider if you’re hiring a divorce lawyer.

1. Divorce process

What’s the divorce process that you want to go for? Are you looking for mediation or collaborative divorce? Do you want to go the full legal process of litigation? Every lawyer sub specializes in one of these. Some lawyers believe in mediation, other advocate trials in court. Sometimes lawyers may try to convince you to take an alternative process of divorce. Stand your ground and hire a lawyer that is ready to go by your specifications.

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If you want the divorce proceedings to be low-key and amicable, hire an attorney who feels the same way. This lawyer would be in the best position to help you and you’ll have less differences of opinion.

However if your spouse has hired an attorney who has taken you to court then you need a lawyer that can retaliate in kind and is experienced in handling litigation.

2. Legal service

The scale of the legal service depends on the joint assets and number of people involved. If you have had a long marriage and have children, assets and property together, dividing finances can become tricky and you may need to hire a law firm to represent you. They’d charge more fee but since more is at stake here, hiring a team is more beneficial.

On the other hand if you’ve had a short marriage, no kids and not much joint property, you could hire an attorney who can help you with the proceedings. Hiring a single attorney is more cost effective.

Depending on the scale of legal services needed, you need to make an informed decision and hire the best lawyer who can help you most effectively.

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3. Fee

Everyone would want the most competitive prices, and so would you. In the race to find a lawyer that could file and fight your case in the least process possible could end up working against you. See how much is at stake and hire a lawyer accordingly. If you have children and joint finances, you’d need to consider hiring a lawyer at a higher fee to ensure that you get an experienced lawyer, who is informed adequately and can help you with the proceedings seamlessly. However if you hire a single attorney, even they might feel out of their depth to help you.

To find someone who can help you adequately, you can look at law firms who have a list of lawyers. These law firms can adapt to your needs and give you the best prices that you can afford. A divorce lawyer must be receptive and available to you in their work hours to show their commitment to you.

4. Testimonials and referrals

Hiring a lawyer is always tricky and you need to rely on others to find the best one for you. Ask your friends and family to contact their friends if they are aware of any good divorce lawyers or firms in your area. Go online and check the lawyers’ testimonials. You can even get in touch with these clients and ask them about their experiences with the lawyer. Someone who has employed the lawyer you’re interested in would be in the best position to help you.

After doing your research, conduct interviews with the lawyer. Have a set number of questions of ready beforehand to ask you lawyer. It is wise to spend some time formulating these questions. When you interview, you’re not only talking to them face to face but are also in a better position to assess if they are equipped and inclined to take up your case as you’d like.

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