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How to Make Money $ by Adding Amazon Prime to Your Blog

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Amazon offers a chance to earn easy money by becoming an Amazon associate. Being an Amazon Associate you can easily make a lot of money by simply adding certain features to your blog or website. One such feature is the Amazon Prime.

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Amazon Prime has to be just linked with all the Amazon products featured on your website.

Here is a look at how you can make money by adding Amazon prime to your website.

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–  The key to use the Amazon Prime the right way is to attract the attention of your visitors towards it. One way is to place a banner attracting the attention towards the links. You can also opt for a small graphic image next to the product links on your website.

– You first have to select the Amazon products that you would like to feature on your website. The products should match with the content on your website. For an instance, if you have a movie review website, you should choose products like DVDs and various books on films.
Whenever the visitors of your website will go through the product links on Amazon and make a purchase there, you will receive a commission. The commission comes your way only for setting up the links; you do not have to persuade your visitors to make a purchase.
The product previews accompanying the links are very helpful in enhancing your website and can help you to earn more money online.

– It would help you to customize the looks as well as the feel of your product links. You can choose from a lot of colors and styles that coordinate with the design of your website. You can keep on updating and changing the product links as many times as you want to. It will add dynamism to your website.

– Once you add the links of all the products on your website, you should update the links on a regular basis by adding new products.

– Keep a track on the activity on your Amazon Prime account by maintaining a report on the web traffic witnessed by your websites as well as the earnings made through it.

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– You should also regularly go through the ‘Associates Blog’ to check out the various special promotions and gadgets which Amazon usually offers.

– One thing that you should keep in mind is that as an Amazon associate, you can easily add the product links recommended by Amazon to all the websites as well as all the blogs owned by you. This will offer you an opportunity to make much more money by simply multiplying your chances to have more number of visitors clicking through the links.

So now that you know how to make money by adding Amazon prime to your website, you should grab the opportunity at the first instance and start minting money.

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