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How to Market Your Home Improvement Business to Unsatisfied Homeowners

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2022 is an amazing time to run a home improvement business. There are scores of unsatisfied homeowners who would like to improve their homes, and you can market your services to them in the following ways.

Showcase Past Projects

Make a portfolio of all your past projects and use them to show potential clients what you can do. People love seeing previews of what they can get if they enlist your services, so give them what they need by collecting your best work to show to people who are looking for a home improvement business. Try to have a variety of improvements because different people will be in need of different services, and in this way, you will find it easier to appeal to more people. With the home remodeling market expected to grow from its current value of an estimated $450 billion, you will enjoy taking the time to create a portfolio.

Consider Holding a Social Media Contest for a Discounted Project

People enjoy contests, and social media is the best place to hold them because of the sheer number of people on the different platforms. Use your business pages to run a contest in which the winner will win a discounted project of their choice. Get creative and either ask a question or create a puzzle, making it possible to have a clear and definitive process of picking the winner. You will have a good chance of making back the money spent on the contest by reaching people who may come across your contest and get interested in your services, even if they save your information for use at a later date.

Highlight Eco-Friendly Practices

Taking care of the environment has become a big deal, and a number of people will respond positively to a company that shares their vision. Where possible, always use eco-friendly practices and materials that are not only good for business but for the environment as well. For instance, let your market know that you advocate for stone-coated steel roofing, which is 100% recyclable and has a Class A fire rating. Sharing information like this will lead new clients your way and open up a wider market for you.

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Start a Referral Program

To make your clients keep coming back for more services, start a referral program. You could offer a discount to the people who refer your services to others that can be claimed for future services or even give some money back to them. You could also offer a standard service that they can redeem within a certain period, and you will create an amazing system where your business is spread around by word of mouth, one of the most convincing marketing methods.

Emphasize Small Business Support

Finally, more and more people are becoming aware of the role played by small businesses in their localities. This has created a market base that’s keen on playing their role in supporting small businesses and will therefore patronize those that they encounter. With nearly 28 million small businesses in America, it’s possible that you already have some competition in your niche. You can still leverage this position and you will get worthwhile results from doing so.

Use the tips above to market your home improvement business and drum up support from your locale. If you stay consistent and offer great services at competitive prices, you will be able to scale up and expand your operations. At this point, you should maintain the standards you started with in order to realize even more growth.

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Kat Adiver
Kat Adiver
is a Mom. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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