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How To Use Coupons To Grow An Online Business

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With the rise of the E-commerce and online shoppers these days, it is rare to find B2C website which does not provide digital coupons to its customers. Over the last 3 years, the coupon industry has grown by more than 350% and helping customers to find the best discount codes and deals on the products, they purchase online. By industry estimations, coupon sites across the world have a customer base of over 1 billion users.

However, if you are among those online businesses who still do not offer coupons to your online customers, it is certain that you are losing on your potential customers each passing day. Don’t worry, there is always a room for improvement and you can also change the scenario and start offering voucher codes and coupons to grow your online business.

Following tips will help you to effective utilize the coupon code strategy to grow your business in any part of the world.  

Wisely Select Products To Offer Discounts

Make the first step wisely in choosing your products for discounts offer. A lot of brands and coupon sites prefer to lists those products to discount offers which have a higher profit margin.

Products with higher profit margins will give you enough space to bear discounts without any losses. Doing vice – versa and providing discounts on low profit margin products can make you suffer losses.

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Make an Offer User Can’t Refuse

Follow the famous line of “Godfather Series – I’ll Make An Offer He Can’t Refuse”. Make your coupons and voucher codes so attractive, that the user would definitely check them once and could not refuse.  ‘But 1 Get 1 Free’, ‘Extra 20% OFF’, ‘Flat 40% off on all items, etc. are some of the illustrations which often make the user stop by.

Also focus on getting varied and new customers. Online companies providing promo codes in UK, USA and other countries tend to focus on ‘offers for new customers’ or ‘signup offer’ to attract more of new users rather than the old ones.

Use Social Media And Emails To Engage With Customers

The users generally have many options on the web to choose their deals from, you are certainly not the only one providing coupons and discount deals, and hence it becomes indeed vital to engage with your user as soon as the user visits the website.

Try to make him subscribe by signing up with a popped up coupon code for the day. This will make him more likely to sign up and use the coupon. Furthermore, most of the people today are present on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Hence, make the most of it by providing instructions to use coupons via videos, podcasts, show limited deals, seasonal deals and more on the social media.

Use Coupon Popups To Catch Even More Attention

Coupon Popups are easy to set up on any eCommerce website, but if you are not doing them the right way, you may lose your clients. The most important thing is to design a matching theme for your popups to suit your eCommerce website’s look & feel. Also, write captivating content that adds value to your clients. And show the right popup in the right place at the right time.

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Cross-Sell Other Products On Product Pages

The product page is the page where the user checks the products, its specifications, colors and more. Try upselling and cross selling to make the customer add more products to cart. For e.g. buy pack of two at flat 30% off, get a pair of Nike shoes free on minimum purchase of $100. Such offers make the users to maximize their shopping with spending a little more money.

Increase Awareness About Deals You Offer

Awareness of the coupons you provide is necessary, try using eye catching deal names to make the user at checkout at least once. Not all the coupons you provide will be checked and redeemed; a little branding and awareness can positively help in checking of the bargain offers and will further help in increased sales.

Get In Touch With Customers

For any business, being in touch with the customers always benefits in gaining customer reviews.  These also work as a feedback to check the potential areas of improvements.

Add your customers to your network and provide them the special discounts offers where they can get extra benefit and will eventually shop your product.

Exclusive And Limited Time Discount Deals

As a user, we often come across attractive deals which read as ‘exclusive’ or ‘limited time offer’. The purpose of making such exclusive and limited deals is to generate urgency in user mind to avail the limited offer for exclusive discount benefits. Hence, prompting him/her to make a transaction.

So, start using the above tips to grow your business manifold. It is easy to list your coupons for free and reach a large number of international audiences at coupon sites such as yepoffers.com.

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