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How to use images and content in capturing your readers

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The success of a blog does not depend on the number of its visitors, instead it depends on how people follow and read the blog on regular basis. It’s easy to get a huge amount of visitors but it can be really challenging to make them stick to your blog. Here are several helpful tips that would help you capture more blog readers.



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  • Provide relevant images to your blog content- Most bloggers think that interesting content alone can catch the attention of readers. Hence, they tend to neglect the importance of images. However, using images can make visitors more curious and let them stop and read your blog content more. Most readers get tired of reading contents quickly. If you have images relevant to your content it would help them visualize your ideas easily.
    Both the blog design and images play a huge factor in making your blog more interesting. Hence, suppose you are using a default layout with very less images most likely you will drive away potential readers. Thus it is very important that you use relevant images to your blog to keep the readers coming back for more. You can get sample images at iStockPhoto, Jupiter Images and Shutterpoint. You can also use tools that would help you improve your blogs. Other than that, you are free to provide your own.
  • Let readers subscribe through RSS- RSS subscriptions is very useful in blogging because once you make a post it is automatically sent to the reader’s email. This is how bloggers establish a stable relationship with their readers. It is also a tool that made most bloggers successful in their blogging career. RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 are easily accessible at WordPress and Blogger site.
  • Pick a clean-cut blog design- If you want more people to read your blog you have to pay attention with your blog design. Is it clean cut or in-clutter? You can drive away visitors and readers if your blog is very confusing. Furthermore, make sure that your advertisements are placed appropriately. Your content should be clearly seen, at the same time your ads should be noticeable enough.
  • Understandable blog focus- Your homepage should clearly show your blog focus or niche. The reader should be able to determine what your blog is all about. Thus, it’s just relevant that your design, header, logo and supplementary materials of your blog complements with one another.
  • Create quality and interesting content- The strength of your blog depends on the quality of content you give to your readers. Your content should be understandable to your readers and it should catch their attention and meet their expectations as well. It should be properly delivered. Other than that, your blog should be updated on regular basis. Your content should always be fresh to interest your readers.

The world of blogging is a very competitive phase thus it’s very important to give your best. These tips can help your readers read more of your site’s content. Using these tools you will be able to attract more readers that will help your blog grow successfully.

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